PASS LABS X250 vs X150.5

Hello Guys,

I just bought a Pass X1 preamp and now I'm on the way to buy a Pass amp .. the X250 or the X150,5
I have Wilson Audio Sophia
Someone says the X250 sounds more refined than X150.5.. same for the new 150.5
Anyone tried both?

Thanks in advance for your comments

The other way around. The .5 series is more refined. I have heard the 250 and personally didn't care for it with my speakers. It is a very very nice amp with loads of bass and resolution. It just had too much resolution for my taste.
IMO,I agree with Samzx12..but for the Wilson I would go tube!!!
Why not sell the X-1 and buy the INT150 which has an amp section based on the X150.5 and a pre amp section based on the new XP-10? Contact mark at RENO HiFi. One box and the sound should be superior. I have not heard it, but I did have the X-1 and now have an XP pre amp. I believe the X.5 amps are more refined than the X amps.
I think the Sophias will benefit from tubes somewhere in that chain... primarily in preamp or amp (s).