pass labs x250 talon khoruses and bat vk-40

i finally got a pre amp , bat vk 40, the sound is really harsh, guess it needs to break in still , my question is
can my xlr cable b out of phase? can the 'HOT' pin be pin 3
and not pin 2 ?
and also...should the needle on my pass labs x250 jump all
the way up when i crank the volume up , i like to listen to music very loudly, and i heard once that this needle should stay static, is something wrong with this brand new amp?
thanks a bunch to all you guys that helped me choose that pre sure i love it eventually -)
If you play your music very loud you can take your needle all the way up. Once it goes beyond half you are no longer in class A but have entered class B. There is nothing wrong with your amp and the amazing thing is that the Khorus really don't need much power so you and several other people I know must really crank your systems.

I hope you end up liking your preamp. The Khorus and the Pass are both wonderful products.

Good luck!
thanks for that quick response,
do you know any about that pin allocation issue on xlr interconnect,
a fellow that i've purchased a cable from said that BAT and Pass run two different configuration of balanced connectivity. (weird stuff IMHO)
the BAT VK-40 pin configuration is:
pin 1 : common (shield)
pin 2 : positive
pin 3 : negative
can that b truth that the pass product would be
pin 1 : common
pin 2 : negative
pin 3 : positivity
should i attempt to invert the polarity of that cable.
is there even a need ?
my ears probably wouldn't b able to tell the difference,
if there was one.
all opinions are welcome.
If the BAT is really brand spankin' new out of a sealed box then you really need to break them in.

A few more questions what brand of cables are you using? and what power cord or power conditioners?

Are you still using the Rega for source?
Pass is pin 2 positive. BAT is pin 2 positive also but has measured pin 3 positive. Contact your dealer or get an electronics friend with a MM or DMM to measure.
i'm still using the rega planet 2000 as a source,
my cables r inexpensive mid-fi ones (thinking about replacing to homegrown audio cables silver lace xlr and rca

will a standard xlr cable do the job here or the polarity needs to b inverted? (the above issue again, im all confused now) (pass pin 3 positive while bat pin 2 is positive)
Pass as follows
Pin 1 ground
Pin 2 Normal input or positive input
Pin 3 Inverted input or negative input