Pass Labs X250 or X350?

Hello Guys,

I just bought a Pass X1 preamp and now I'm on the way to buy a Pass amp .. the X250 or the X350 (or .5)
I have Thiel 2.4
Someone says the X250 sounds more refined than X350 .. same for the new .5
Anyone tried both?

Thanks in advance for your comments

Get the x350.5.

It has 40 watts of class A (vs. 15 watts with the x250). Class A power will give you a more dynamic and energetic presentation. The 350 watts will give you absolute bass control. The .5 will give you a more refined mid and upper frequency section - important for the Thiel 2.4.

I wish they were all this easy.

You want the .5 version IMO much more refined as Rob states above. And the 350 will give better bass performance at all volume levels. Thiels love large amounts of high quality horsepower to sound their best.

GAbriel, I'm curious as to what amp you chose? I bought the X-250 about a year ago and just got a matching X-1 pre and the synergy is fantastic. I was also told the X250 was actually more refined than the X350 despite a little less power. than again, others, such as the above posts, suggest just the opposite. so, what did you decide?
I have owned the X350.5 and while it was commanding of all the sound, it was lacking in bass and slightly rolled off on the top. Belive it or not, I replaced it with a pair of Wyred 4 Sound SX1000 monoblocks and couldn't be happier.

Major differences in heat output, weight, cost, and sound (of course). But for $2400 versus $5500 used for a Pass, you can't go wrong. Wyred recommends 300 hours break in, I found that 20 hours got them going nicely and now with over 350 hours they are really fantastic.

Don't scoff. Give them a try. I was skeptical, but now am very happy. Much better than Rowland 201s by far as well.