Pass Labs X250 meter failure

The meter on my amp quit functioning. It may have happened when I accidentally pushed the power button on, then off, then on again, in quick succession. I had read somewhere that this can cause the problem. I rarely look at it, so when I discovered it not working, I looked online to figure out why it quit. I emailed Pass Labs to see about a repair, and was informed I could send it back to them to have a new meter installed, which would run over 400 dollars.

I was wondering if anybody has had the same problem, but was able to repair the meter themselves. I realize the failures may not be similar, but I'm still interested if anyone has repaired it. I haven't even looked into the amp yet, as I never use the meter anyways. If it was an easy fix, maybe I'd open it up. Maybe.
Don't worry about.Enjoy your music.BTW,they will more than likely replace the meter not repair it.It's easier and they can charge more!!Just my thoughts.
>>11-03-09: Tpreaves
they will more than likely replace the meter not repair it.It's easier and they can charge more!!<<

That's an interesting take on a company with an impeccable reputation.

First, many meters are sealed by the manufacturer and not repairable. I don't know if this is case with Pass' meters but not germane IMO.

Let's suppose for argument's sake the meter is repairable. How much money do you think Pass stands to make on a minor repair like this factoring in parts, labor, paperwork, shipping, etc?

Knowing the folks at Pass as I do, it's hard to believe they would hustle a customer for what, at the most, a couple hundred bucks? As a matter of fact, I've read many posts from customers praising the service and/or remedial work provided by Pass.

Time to re-think your supposition IMO.

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This is exactly why I never liked the meters. Superperfluous parts leading to added intitial purchase cost and later on potential added expense for repair. Never mind the inherent distraction the meters bring into ones listening room/home theatre.
Audiofeil....did you not notice the exclamation marks at the end of the sentence? In this case it was meant as a humorous jab.
How much money do you think Pass stands to make on a minor repair like this factoring in parts, labor, paperwork, shipping, etc?
Pass is not going to pay for these things,the customer will.Unless of course,the unit is under warranty,which it obviously isn't since they were going to charge the man over $400.00.Sorry if I hurt your feelings when I used your buddies as the butt of my joke.
Hi guys, am I wrong ,but it seems that a lot of Pass gear
is going back the factory for adjustment or repair.
Don't get me wrong, I love Nelson Pass. His DYI web set
is cool. However I feel that my coments
are not without basis. If I am full of crap,login to AG
and let me have it. BTY I find Pass is the 2nd best SS amp.dr
I've owned many Pass products- never had a problem. I know a couple of people who did have issues, and Pass exceeded their expectations for service- without exception.

I have an idea- why not CALL PASS and talk to them before we start questioning their integrity.
Do you really need to repair/replace the meter anyway?
I don't think any of the posts so far are questioning
Pass labs integrety and that includes me. In fact lots
of high performance audio gear are like a Ferrari. They need very special care and tuning to perform at their best. I will say that fancy meters will never make any amp
sound better. Why not put the money elsewere ? Not a knock on Pass or others. I just prefer that my dollars are in the inside not an extremely exspensive eye candy box.
You can make it look great with less money.dr
Tpreaves you did not hurt my feelings, no problem.

Your inexperience is understandable and certainly excusable.

Good luck.
Thanks for your responses. The meter really doesn't have to be repaired. It didn't move much anyways. It's just that I know it's not working, and every once in a while I think about it. Kind of like getting a small scratch on your new car, you know it's there, but will more than likely let it go.

Pass Labs was very courteous to me when they offered to replace the meter. We never discussed a repair, just a replacement. I just don't feel I need to spend that amount of money to see a needle move every now and again, where it's only function is to let me know when the amp goes from class A to AB. I can guess when that occurs. I just thought somebody may have started poking around in there and share the experience.

Staying in the groove....