Pass Labs X250 - Good Match for my Apogee Stages?

Greetings all,
I was wondering if anybody has an opinion on the Pass Labs X250 amplifer paired up with my Apogee Stage speakers? The Apogees needs a 3 Ohm load to make 'em sound good. I am fairly sure that this amplifier will be able to deleiver the power, but has anybody out there heard this combination? If so, please give me your feedback.

Many thanks in advance for any and all opinions.


Can the Stages be biamped? I'm thinking ss for the bottom and tubes on top but you may want to keep it simple.
Pass Labs Class A stuff sounds the best but you got to stand the heat. Otherwise the answer is a solid Prolly and don't use tubes on these speakers. IMHO its a set up for blowing the tube amp to smithereens or just eating tubes all day if you live up to your name. This is advice coming from an all tube guy with cones and domes only however.

I used an Aragon 4004 which worked very well with the Stages and would save you a ton of money vs the Pass Labs.

Good luck.
I used Meridian 605s on my Duetta Signatures and they worked very well; I didn't use Aragon but would think they would be a good choice. There is an Apogee owners forum, why not check there?
A long time ago, a buddy had the Aragon and Stages. Man, was that nice.

Just for further info, I used the Stages (on the mini grand stands, but no woofers) with an Aragon 4004 MK II, a Jadis JPL preamp, a Levinson 31 transport, and also an Aragon D2A DAC.

It was definitely one of the better systems I ever had, and I changed the Stages to Martin Logan SL3s only for a taller image, and more detail at lower volumes.

But the overall sound and particularly the midrange and "coherence" in that system was one of the best I have heard.

In further praise of the Aragon, I left mine on continuously, 24/7, for about 8 years, and it never missed a beat.

The Pass amps might very well be even better, but significantly more expensive obviously.
Mondial "who manufactured Aragon amps" used the apogee stages ( mini-grand) in their listening room, so i'm not suprised about the synergy.

They had absolutely fantastic sound in that room with 4 mono's driving that system.

Yes it will work perfectly and drive 3 ohms with no sweat. You may want a tubed preamp in front of it to warm it up a bit.
Pass is not cold sounding but not tubey sounding either.
The Apogee may sound a little thread bare with all solid state stuff.
Pass amps are some of the best out there. Many prefer the newer .5 amps (250.5) haven't heard them and don't care to.
I am running a X150 Eminent Technology speakers and a Supratek preamp and I am in heaven. These are planar speakers and NOT efficient (83bd), but I have plenty of power for my listening habits. Pass amps are very conservative on power ratings. The X150 put 250w into 8 ohms and is rated for 150. I'd say go for it!
Thank you all for your ideas with the Aragon 4004. I will research more on this amplifier. How much are these amps worth now days?

JEFFJAZZ: I am excited to hear from you. At this point I am thinking that I too can get away with the PASS X150 amp that you are using. The Eminent Technology speakers seem rather similar to the Apogee as far as a planar design any way. Are your speakers 8 ohm load?
Yes BUT I bypassed some caps in them on the mids and the impedance is more in the 4ohm range now.
This Pass amp is the best I have been through a bunch.
Can't afford the bigger Pass amps wish I could but I am happy now.

I can also vouch for the Aragon 4004MKII being a low cost solution for your Stages. I use my 4004 to drive low efficiency (89db)planars and it drives them with ease and the combo sounds very good.
I agree with Jeffjazz, though, that mating it with a tubed pre is a good idea and a very good match (I use a VTL 2.5 with NOS Mullards) and this added the depth, texture and presence I was looking for. With a ss pre it sounds leaner and more sterile but has very good resolution and bass response regardless of the pre type.
Cwlondon said he left his Aragon on 24/7 for 8 years and it never missed a beat. Mine's been running 24/7 as well for the past 5 years with the same result.
As to your question on price, these amps are no longer made (was replaced by the 8008 model in '95 I think) but it listed new for about $1800 when it was built back in the 90's. I paid about half that 5 years ago so you should be able to get a nice one used for no more than $900. probably less. Its an older amp (1994?) but its built like the proverbial tank, is very durable and sounds more expensive.

OTOH, I think a Pass amp would improve the sound of almost any system but they are high priced. Sorry, I've never tried a Pass amp so I can't say if the extra $$ is worth it. Good luck.