Pass Labs x250.5 vs Sonic Frontiers Power 2 SE

Hi, I am thinking about changing out my Sonic Frontiers Power 2 SE for a Pass Labs x250.5 and was wondering if people think that change would be a lateral, forward or a backwards move. I do not have the opportunity to demo the amp at home on my Tyler Acoustics System twos. I've had the SF for almost 5 years now and am itching for a change. The amp has been the mainstay over many other changes but I think it is time to try a solid state amp again. The rest of my system can be seen in the system link.
Pass Labs are really smooth and sweet (to my ears) you may get a bit more detail but the smooth signature aswell.
First call Chris at Parts ConXection who designed the SF gear. He has some upgrades that elevate the SF to new levels of performance. SF Power 2SE is still a reference amp but does have some new life left.