Pass Labs X250.5 or X350.5 ?

This would be the last piece of equipment needed and I would like some help in deciding between the 2 of them. What I have now :

- Room size > 40sqm
- Source > EMM Labs CDSAse
- Pre > Pass Labs XP-10
- Speakers > Usher Be-10

I would of course preffer the X250.5 because of the price but if X350.5 will be notably better on my system, I will struggle to get this one !
I run the 250.5 with the XP-10 / CDSA SE / Focal 1037's. The 250.5 is all that I need. There is plenty of data available between the two if you search the archives. IMHO the 250.5 sounds better than that of the 350.5. My listening area is larger than yours. I hope this helps .........
I own the Pass X350.5 and the XP-10
I say if you buy the X250.5 and thinking of the X350.5 you will probably end up buying the X350.5 sometime in the future. This will end up costing you more money.

Just go straight to the X350.5 and be done.
Zenieth, how could you declared that the X250.5 is better than the X350.5 when they both have identical built? one is being more powerful than the other, what else do I missed here? Or did you mean the X250.5 is better than the X350?
I don't listen at very high levels but if 350.5 controls the bass region better I'll make the extra effort. If the difference is negligible, I'd preffer using the remaining cash for room treatment wich would improve the sound drastically !
The X350.5 has 40 watts of pure class A, X250.5 has 15 watts of class A. All things being equal, the x350.5 should sound better. Plus, more total watts if your bass needs extra power.
Usher Be-10 is not that power hungry but I guess better low frequency control can't hurt ! Bass driver would be the Eton 11" (11-584). Sensitivity would be 89db !
Thanks guys. Bought a X250.5. With the difference in price between the 2 I will treat the room for better acoustics !