Pass Labs X150 v. Bel Canto Evo2 amp.

I've long heard that Pass Labs makes great sounding amps. I have small room and don't need alot of power. I have Vandersteen 3A Sig speakers and a Supratek Chenin preamp. Would the Pass Labs X150 be an improvement over the Bel Canto? Does it sound clinical and cold or does it have sufficient warmth?
Do you already have an Evo2? I'm using a pair as monoblocks for my main speakers and they sound fantastic. One was very good, but adding the second really improved the bass response (deeper and tighter) and added warmth to the whole sound.
It is far from clinical and cold, but far from rich and warm. That said, it is dead neutral. If you have a cold clinical preamp and CD player, that is what you will hear. If you have warmer components and cables, it is beautiful.

Overall though, as far as solid state goes, the X series Pass gear is extremely smooth and non fatiguing. Absolutely the best!
I agree with Fatcat's assessment.
Having used the Bel Canto's as mono blocks and having heard many Pass amps. It would be my thought that you would have to get to the X600 to even get close (as far as power etc) to the Bel Canto. And even then it is my opinion the Bel's sound more like live music. Unless you get into a tube amp,I am not sure how you could better the Bel. But then thats why we have so many different companies and ways they go about making products. Just a thought for you, why not spend the money on cable upgrades, front end componets before wasting time on your amp.