Pass Labs X150 or Pass Labs X250

Which one will you guys run for Dynaudio contour 3.0? do you guys think Pass X150 would be more than enough? thank you much

the X-250 without a doubt. Match it with a good tube amp and enjoy music.

Happy Listening
Without a doubt the X-250 sounds better then the X-150. I used both several years ago with Verity Parsifal speakers and the 250 did a much better job.
Hallo Arif,
If You have plenty of money, buy X250 or better X350. I agree that X250 must be better because of extra power. But I don`t think the difference of these two are so big. Probably You don`t hear any difference in blind listening test (normal listening level). Maybe You can hear the difference with more complicated speakers like Verity Parsifal but for Contour 3.0 the X150 will be more than enough. X150 shares the same technology and parts as X350 and has twenty mached transistors for each channel.
But if You have this opttion maybe You can compare these two amps in Your sistem with Contours.
Happy choosing
thanks guys, i'm taking pass labs x150. preamp is x2.5 and theta miles as cd player, i hope it will sound good :)