Pass Labs x150.5 question

Would this amp have enough power to drive a pair of Dynaudio special 25's? It would be paired with a McIntosh C220 preamp. Also, is the Pass/Dynaudio a good combination?
I would think so. Dynaudio likes current not necessarily watts. An example is a Naim Supernait rated @ 80w or an Octave V70se rated at 70w just killed my Bryston B100 rated at 180w @ 4ohms or the Bryston 3bsst. I'm using the Octave with my C1's.
I had a 250.5 and it was the best amp i tried on C1s. as for power, I would err on the heftier side with Dyn.
Yes, it will be fine
It will work and sound very good but I would get the bigger and more powerful X250.5 instead.
I haven`t heard Special 25 but as Dynaudios are generally on the warm and musical side I believe that Pass amp will be great match. It has all the clarity and dynamics that Dynaudios need. Not sure about the McIntosh though.
Just to exemplify my personal experience.
Dynaudio C2 + Accuphase amp = great bass but otherwise too rounded and soft for my taste.
C2 + push-pull tube integrated = no go!
If I had a pair of C2 then Pass X series or even Krell would be some of the first to try.
Absolutely..Ive run that amp through C1s and C4s.Yes I agree that the 250.5 would be even better as Ive done that as well but the 150.5 can hold its own with those speakers(300 watts into that 4 ohm load I believe)..Pass labs and Dynaudio are a super match IMO.Im not real crazy about your pre amp selection though.
I already own the McIntosh C220 preamp and I like it. I'm losing a McIntosh amp I have been borrowing from a friend. Have you heard the C220 preamp or are you saying you aren't crazy about paired with the X150.5?
The Pass X151.5, aside from great sound, has more power than you might think. A British hi fi mag about 2-3 years ago tested it and found that at 8 ohms it clipped at 280 watts, IIRC, and at 4 ohms 370 watts, again IIRC. I had no trouble driving my Magnepan 3.6's with it using a passive preamp.
I have an x150.5, it replaced a higher wattage Cary ss amp. It's driving Piega C8's (ribbon tweeter, 4 Ohms, 87 db). It rocks. Got more low end that the Cary and is smoother in the mids. The Cary had some screamin' trebile though...(read: totally unballanced)