Pass Labs X1 owners

Hello Guys,

I own a Pass Labs X1 preamp and since when I bought I left the preamp over its power supply connected by the stock humbilical cord.
Thinking about a good shielded chassis of the power supply I never tried to separate them.
Any Pass X1 owner here tried to separate them for better sonic result?
And if done .. what's the result?.. It's the same or did you get something better?
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I wouldn't mod the Pass equipment at all. Nelson knows what he is doing and I think you will hurt the sonic character by doing anything. The only way I would modify it is to upgrade to the XP-20.
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I don't want to mod anything in my Pass X1 .. Jtwrace!
I'm just asking if I get something better if I separe the power supply from the preamp.

I have to make a hole in my closet rear wooden panel to do this .. Tvad .. as you can see in the picture above .. so I want to be sure about the sonical improvment.
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I ordered a new umbilical cable for my Musical Fidelity M3, another 2 box unit, from Sweetcome in Hong Kong and it made a considerable improvement in sound. Bear in mind that all parts on a commercial product, even good quality expensive ones, are economic compromises between the best and what is economically feasible. Usually $100 in added manufacturing costs can add $1000 to selling price. If I were able to get a custom cable made up I would. Somebody like Signal Cable could do it reasonably if it uses standard connectors, using Oyaide power cable would be better. If it fits your connecters you could buy some and have a local technician make it up. By using a longer length I was able to separate them more, which also helped. Both increased separation and better quality cable are helpful IMHO.
The hi-grade umbilical cord is an interesting matter .. Stanwal
I lost a sale here about one of them expressly made for the Pass X1 I don't remeber the brand name but it was from US
I had a 6 foot umbilical and had them that far apart once. No difference.
Thanks Zippyy
Well , two owners haven't noticed any benefits separating them
Hi Curio, I have a seven foot umbilical cord for this are welcome to try it out. Don
My unit was an integrated amp so it was impossible to decide how much of the improvement was due to the separation of the power amp form the power supply and how much the preamp. But the better cable was definitely a large improvement.