Pass Labs X0.2 vs. X1

Hello, my name is Spiros and I have a problem with high end audio equipment .... A year ago I vowed that I would buy a "nice" audio system and STOP and that pledge lasted about a week. I keep trading upward and the quest seems to have no end in sight. Oddly enough, I don't swap brands just escalate to a higher step within the same brand. For example, I started with a Halo A23 amp (awsome, btw) and now I have a pair of JC-1s (molto awsome). A pair of M-L Ascent i's lasted two weeks before being replaced with the Prodigys. Now comes the preamp: I am absolutely satisfied with the Pass Labs X1 (thanks Lanny Dalton!) but I'm mesmerized by the X0.2. Does anyone have experience with both of these preamps? As it stands, the system now is composed of:
Onkyo 1000 Universal player, MD108 tuner, Pass X1 preamp, Halo JC-1s (Kimber KS1011 & KS1111 for IC) and ML Prodigys (bi-wired Kimber KS3033). Thanks in advance for all your thoughts.
I would think your first move would be to upgrade the front end digital source. I believe getting a better cd player (or two) would provide a bigger upgrade than going from a X1 to a X0.2.
I personally haven't found a Universal player to my liking, yet. I'm still using a BAT cd player for redbook and a Sony player for SACD's. Try a Audio Aero Capitole mk II or something similar for digital.
The rest of your system seems very well balanced.

Hello John: Yea, I know, I know ... people chuckle about the Onkyo but, franly, I like it! It's a stopgap measure until I wait for the latest and greatest Universal Player (whichever that will be) and as I begin my foray back into vinyl (thinking of a X Ono and a Scout). But my question had to do with the comparison between the X1 and the X0.2, not the merits or weaknesses of my system (although the comments are appreciated). Thanks.
Just to put a good word in for the X0.2, I have been through many preamps, and when I put the X0.2 in my system I just sort of forgot aobut it. I haven't ever thought about repalcing it and I have joyfully had it for two years. It just seems to not be there, and that is a good thing in preamps.
I have a friend that upgraded from the X1 to the X0.2. The X0.2 had been broken in at the shop, so was a good comparison. It would be hard to go back to the X1 after listening to the X0.2. I know you didn't ask this, but I'm not sure you would hear a big difference between them with the Onkyo front end.

Thank you Richard and Ej for the insightful comments. Curiously, they balance out two negative comments I heard about the unit (in essence, the jump in performance wasn't matched by the jump in price) but others have said that Pass is probably one of the few companies where performance does indeed increase as one climbs the product ladder. And Ej I understand what you're saying about the front end but the only reason I embarked on this thread is because I may have the opportunity to buy an 0.2 at a reasonable price so I'm just trying to maximize my dollar. Thanks to both of you.
I think you have to understand the law of diminishing returns. It's very prevelent in audio. Many times you pay a 100% price increase for small differences, maybe a 3-5% sonic improvement. I'm sure this law would encompass Pass electronics just as it does with all other companies. I've just sold my BAT VK-31SE preamp, which in my opinion, offered 95% of the performance of the VK-51SE for 60% of the price. It all boils down to how much you want to pay to squeeze out that last ounce of music.

Back to the source issue, have you ever listened to an Exemplar modded Denon universal player?

Actually, vinyl is my favorite source, but I didn't mention it because it's either something you do or don't do. Not a whole lot of converts. I'd recommend a tube phono stage, if you can swing it. Perhaps an Aesthetix Rhea. There's something magical about tubes and vinyl, IMHO.

Save your money and keep your x-1 or downgrade to x2.5 or x-2. The pass labs x series has the same sonic signature throughout the line. I use x-2 and x-350 w/my thiel 2.3’s the x-2, x-1, and x-0, x2.2 x-2.5 98% of same sonic signature. The largest difference is the x-0 had a slighter blacker background. And the soundstage width and depth 20% better than the x-1 and x-2. I auditioned them in a dedicated dealer show room proper acoustics and space. I heard them with thiel 7.2 and 5i pass x-600 monoblocks, x-350, x-250.


p.s. I also auditioned a levinson 390s with the 10k ML and was truly musically satisfying.