Pass Labs X Series

Has anyone auditioned Pass Labs X series amplifiers (600 or 1000)? A number of people I've spoken with say these are the best solid state amplifiers to date. The dealers in my area do not Demo these units so I must rely on reviews and other opinions.
Buy the Pass X600 amps for these reasons: 1. All things being equal, more power is better. Greater soundstage. 600 WPC. 2. New technology. 3. Much less expensive in comparison to ARC, Levinson, and Krell. 4. Rave reviews. Never a negative word said. 5. Pass has always done something magical when it comes to amplifiers. Good Luck - I am buying the X600s
Please feel free to contact Pass Laboratories at 530-367-3690 if you have any further questions about any of our products. Thanks for your interest in Pass! Peter Perkins, domestic operations, Pass Labs
Thanks for the input, its greatly appreciated. Someone told me Pass Labs was more neutral by far than the Levinson equipment. This surprised me.
I have an almost brand new Pass X-350 for sale, $6K. Less than 3 mos. old. I agree that this amp beats Levinson 300 series handily (I owned Levinson 335s before this). However, I now have a Rowland 8Ti/HC, which I find sounds slightly better than the Pass, although it is not as much power (and much more $$).
I have auditioned the X series and I also posted a dicussion question several months ago, asking if someone could explain the differences between the Aleph Series and X series sonic differences. Someone from Pass posted a nice follow-up. You may want to go back and look it up. I have listned to Krell, YBA, Mark Lev, and Jeff Rowland. And I personally believe you cannot go wrong with Pass Equipment. The Pass beat Krell hands Down, the YBA, Mark and Rowland all had there + and -, but when you factor in the looks of a Big X600 and that Ery Blue meter shining in front of you that was enough for me. There is a shop in Phoenix AZ, called Speaker Ect. 2 really nice guy run it. Give them a call and I'm sure they will anwser any question you have.