Pass Labs X-600 Vs. Levinson 33Hs

This month I plan on purchasing either one or the other. Does anyone know the characteristics of each amp. or have an opinion as to which is better? I have heard the 33Hs, but have been unable to Demo the X-600s.
I like them both. You should be comparing the 33 and the X600 due to the power.
I have auditioned both of these If you are in this price range you owe it to yourself to audition Lamm's Their hybrids (Model's 1/1 and 2.1) are far and away better in every respect than the Pass or Levinson IMHO Take care Jim
It really depends on what kind of speakers you are using. I am using B & W 800's. For these speakers, my dealer told me that the Pass amps would not be as good as the 33H, so I have the 33H. Notwithstanding the quoted difference in power between the two, as a practical matter the power of the 3H is essentially limitless, and it's absolutely wonderful.