Pass Labs X-600's vs. XA-160's

I recently purchased a pair of Dali Euphonia MS5's. Sensitivity is 89db. I know these amps are of different power ratings and class, but does anybody have any experience with either or both of them. Which would be better suited for these speakers. I am also considering the Electrocompaniet Nemo monoblocks. I use a Pass X-1 pre-amp. I listen to classic rock, jazz, and classical music.
I think you would be happier with the X600s. I am a Pass dealer and I would be glad to talk to you about it.
Zippyy.You might want to pick-up the latest TAS.They are reviewing the 160s and compare to the 600s.I have heard the X600s and thought they were good,though my personal preference is for a pure class-A amplifier.At 89db,the XA160s should be fine,unless you are trying to peel paint.
Percon,Do you offer a home demonstration with an appropriate credit card?Thanks!
Percon, can you please elaborate on why you think I'd be happier with the 600's over the 160's. Is there anything specific that makes you feel this way? Being a dealer, you have the opportunity to listen to and evaluate both of these amps. Is there something you like better about the 600's?
Tpsonic, thank you for the TAS information , and perfect timing! I will go out today and pick up that issue. BTW, I would like to change the room color!
Percon, Tpsonic, any thoughts on the Nemo's? Thanks again!
Zippyy,no recommendation on room color.From my experience,I don't recommend Manley/VTL.I'm sure there are plenty of happy customers,but you seldom hear of the people who have had to fight with these amps in one form or another.Most have moved on to other amps.Just my opinion,take it for what it's worth.
Tpsonic, Perhaps a misunderstanding. The Nemos are manufactured by Electrocompaniet. Unless there's something I don't know, what does Manley and VTL have to do with it? Those are both tube amps and the Nemo's are Solid State. Can you please clairify ? Thanks
Forgive me,the Nemo brought to mind the Neo Classics.With the price of the 600s here on AGon.They might not be a bad choice.I have also seen the Lamm M1.1s fairly cheap.The 600s are balanced only,does that affect your choice?The 160s offer both,I believe.The 600s prefer a slightly warmer midbass and high frequency character upstream of them.Maybe a tube pre???Non silver ICs??
Tpsonic, Forgiven, of course. Your right about the 600's, they are expensive, so are the Nemos. I'm using a Pass X1 preamp, so running balanced is fine. My Dalis have a more neutral mid-bass, but I think the hi's are a little extended. Thanks again for your input.
I must politely disagree with Percon. I have been using Pass gear in my home music systems for about the last 8 years. I have had both Aleph and X-series amps and preamps. Currently, I use the X1 preamp into Pass/Volksamp Aleph 60 mono amps (considered by me and by Pass to be one of the best sounding circuits he has ever designed). The Aleph monos handily drive Quad 989 electrostatics, with a stereo pair of Vandersteen 2Wq subwoofers asisting below 80 Hz. To make a long story short, the XA series should produce the best of both worlds (as Pass says, "like peanut butter and chocolate..."). I say "should" because the XA amps are the one thing made by Pass that I have yet to hear. Nevertheless, I have had all manner of costly tube gear and other stuff in here, and nothing surpasses the purity of tone produced by the pure single-ended Class A circuit of the Alephs. And yet...there is a sense of speed, transparency and spooky dynamics with the X-products that is addictive. So, why not have the best of both? If you can afford it, that is. There is one other factor to consider, I suppose, on the level of personal responsibility. The Aleph and XA series amps are exorbitantly wasteful of electrical power.

I hope this helps.