Pass Labs X-350 vs Parasound JC-1 Monoblocks?

Has anyone out there compared the Pass Labs X-350 power amplifier head-to-head with the Parasound Halo JC-1 Monoblocks, or heard both of them in similar surroundings?
If so, how did they compare sonically, and what were their sonic advantages and disadvantages in comparison to one another?
I heard the X250 I was not impress at all, for my taste
its dry sounding,maybe the X350 is differrent,The
JC1 are special amp,they are very good.In my system
they did have huge soundstage,smooth,instruments are
in the right place,fast.Read Michael Fremmer on stereophile
thats a very accurate review.
If you are looking at amps in this price range, I recommend you include an audition of the Rowland 201 monoblocks. Less power, also less money.
Lanny, the Parasound Halo JC-1 amplifiers are heavily based upon the earlier HCA-3500 stereo amplifier which you own, but there are differences significant enough to make for major improvements in the sound. The power supply is much larger, there is a lot more heat sink, and so on. Parts were selected carefully to voice the amplifier correctly, and substitutions for those specified have not been acceptable. Additionally, the circuit board layout is vastly improved. I won't go on other than to say an audition is highly recommended, and I suggest listening to a broken in pair if possible.

Brian Walsh
Martin DeWolff of Bound for Sound mentioned the JC1 has a slightly sweeter top end than the X250 (not X350), he did not go into too much detail.
Marty loves the X-250 and the Edge NL-10 amps for different speakers, this is about synergy with amps and speakers. The X-250 has some sparkle on top and with the right speakers, sound fantastic, with other, OK. Looking at your system, you would probably benefit more from a better source than a new amp IMO.

Happy Listening.