Pass labs X-350 Love it or hate it

I want to know if anybody loves the x-350 power amp, I only read about people who love the newer models, Im kinda sick of hearing that, I have had my X 350 about 4 months now, I think it is as good if not better then anything out there today, I am using it with a wadia 850 direct into my martin logan monolith iii speakers, I am using nordost quattro fil i.c and transparent speaker wires with custom nordost spm for connection to crossover, what do you think.I have heard krell, I thought it too bright, I liked AR vt-200, sounded just like my pass.
I can only imagine having just bought your X=350 and reading nothing but praise for the .5 model.
As we all know reading can be bad for our check book.
I own the X-150 which is the same amp less power. This is the best amp I have owned. I have had a Odyessey amp, a McCormack, a Belles, a hybrid 2 stage Llano 300 watt side beast and a CJ amp (which I liked better than all the other amps). I have read that the newer .5 Pass amps have a warmer more natural mids like the Aleph amps. I don't care. The original series sound just as warm and natural as my CJ amp in the mids(which did the midrage best out of all amps I have compared it to until the Pass) and it sounds right everywhere else. I have very good ears. I am a professional jazz pianist and I know what live sounds like. This amp is the closest I have been to the real thing. Haven't heard the newer amps, but I bet they are slightly better and not worth the big $$$ to upgrade. - Jeff
I am so very happy that I am not alone, I also feel that cj amps are really close to the sound of the pass, truly great midrange, sweet!!!
Sorry, Null1 and Jeffjazz, no one is attacking your first generation X-series amps, but time and Nelson Pass marchs on. I owned and enjoyed for over nine years a pair of Aleph 1 monoblocks in my system. When Pass Labs came out with the X generation series I audtioned the 350 and admired its dynamics,details,transparency and extension on the top/bottem, but found the amp to be not as musical or natural sounding as my Alephs. However, the new X-.5 series is a beautiful blend of the warmth/musicality of the Aleph series with the wonderful above mentioned virtues of the X-series. If you heard the 350 and the 350.5 side by side you would hear the difference, and realize it is signficant in nature. Your amps are still great pieces and it sounds like you guys love them, however the new X-.5 series is another step towards the reference of live music and proves again that Mr. Pass is a pretty bright fellow to say the least.
Isn't it enough that you like the 350? What if they polled a million people and 95% preferred the 350.5? You'd be way in the minority. So what. It's your money, buy what sounds good to you. If that happened and you wonder why you're in the minority, it's because in your room with your speakers and most important, your ears the 350 sounds better. Wouldn't it be incredibly stupid if you sold your 350 for the 350.5 and it turns out that the vast majoity of people would prefer the 350 with your speakers in your room? It still leaves out the most important factor, YOUR EARS. Trust them.
I agree with Onemug, heck... I own a couple of those bright Krells you do not like...I'll never fret or sell them because you don't like them though.

Audiophile opinions are all over the map in many regards...very funny sometimes, kind of a monkey see...monkey do type of thing that almost never favors last years component.

Thank you all. Like Dave said, Audiophiles taste are all over the map, what one person likes, somebody else may not, the main thing is to enjoy the music and some good conversation.I love all you guys!!!!!Cheers
Hi ! guys . i used a ML 23.5 & a Joule Electra 100 MK 3 to
drive a pair Focal JM lab Diva Utopia ,Esoteric player . it
sound pretty good to me right now .And i really want to get
one X-350 to replace my ML 23.5 , i don' t know how this match will turn it out , sound good or bad ? Gentlemen's got any idea . give me some input please ! thank you
Has anybody ever compared a Symphonic Line to a Pass Labs ?
Should be a great shoot out between the creation of two geniuses.
There is so much good quality out there. Ancient and new. It is impossible to have heard everything, even less in different configurations. So people have a tendancy to prefer.....what they own. And they visit forums and read reviews in order to find info to reinforce their preferences.

With a Pass X-350, you are above 95% of audiophiles who will never reach that level. But those 95% will comment your gear.

Is a Ferrari better than an Aston Martin ? Is a Ferrari GTO better than a Testorossa ? Hey, you own a Ferrari ! Just be happy and enjoy it !
I've owned a X-350 (after many others), it was a good solid amp I was in the minority who thought it was more musical than the X-250. I moved on to the XA-160s...very musical, (best amps I have owned), than back in time to Aleph 3s, 2nd best amps I've owned...or was it the Aleph 2 monos? (again after many others). It just depends on your system your room and your ears. It is hard to just enjoy the it not?