Pass Labs X-350?

Does anyone have any experience with the Pass Labs X-350? Are they a good match for the Revel Studios? Would the Levinson 336 be a better choice since they're also made by Madrigal. Any advice on what kind of amp to drive Revel Studios will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
i own the 336, i cant see anything better than this amp for soild state. if i owned the studios the 366 would be diving them.
I love my pass x-250. It does everything well. Sonically you get the best of both worlds. Tube like sound with the power of solid state. The x-250 goes to 40watts in pure class a mode. My Thiel 2.3's are a match made in heaven.

The x-350 is a good amp, but not even close to tube sounding.
These so called SS, guy,s always comparing to tube, froget it ss, can never give the sound a good to great tube amp can produce.
Give me a week and I can let you know personally. I have the Revel Ultima Salons and my X350 will be here on Wed. or Thursday. I'm using the Theta Dreadnaught now and I can't wait to hear the difference.
I have had the following amps for a weekend trial in my system: ML-336, Pass Aleph-5, Pass Labs X-350 and BAT VK-500. My recomendation goes to BAT. Nothing could match its natural presentation, timre that was true to live instruments' and (surprise!) best bass slam and control. Pass X-350 was second - due to definitely worse timbral accuracy and clearly worse bass definition and dynamics. ML was third in this rank due to rather cold and analitycal presentaion. Pass Aleph-5 was nice, but not in the same league as far as power and control is concerned.

These amplifiers were tested with Wadia front end and JM Lab Utopia speakers.

What I would suggest is to take a listen to BAT before spending more money for Pass X-series or ML.

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