Pass Labs X 150 or Plinius sa 100 mk III

Hello I am looking to buy one of these 2 amps. I hear great things about both of them, but have no way of listening to either one. The associated gear is : ARC ls9 Pre, Rotel 1070 CDP, Tyler Acoustics Reference II's Speakers ( with cardas upgrade). Acoustic Zen matrix II Interconnects, API Power wedge 113 MK II and PS Audio statement speaker cables. The speakers are pretty power hungry at 86 db. One of these amps will be replacing my Krell Ksa 100s which is no longer in service, due to an unfortunate incident. Please help fellow members. Thanks!
Any complaints, sonically, about the Krell you are replacing?

What sonic traits are you looking for in your next amp?
Both amps sound good. The Pass will run warm, the Plinius
(in selectable Class A) will run very hot.
The pass labs x series sounds like reference tubes

enjoy dave
Dlwask, there was no real complaints about the krell it was actually a very nice amp. It was damaged due to an electrical surge, and I am just looking for something different to replace it with, maybe a little on the warmer side. My speakers are already very revealing and the sound can become very clinical and cold on certain recordings.