Pass Labs X-1, X-2, X-0

Has anybody auditioned the Pass Labs x series pre-amplifiers? Were there any substantial differences in sound quality? Please tell me what you think?
All I can say is as great as their amps are, I was a bit disappointed with their preamps.
I have to agree with Jtinn. Had a X-0, and was a bit disappointed and sold it. Lach of depth, resolution and warmth. were apparent. I had used it for 8 months and Pass Labs kept on telling me give it time ,the break in period. After spending $7K from a dealer, I don't think so. X-0 is nice to look at, but that's about it. I went back to a Threshold Fet 10E and found it to be a better performer.
I disagree. I recently bought an x-1 and x-ono, replacing an Aleph P and Aleph ono, and found them warmer,richer and quieter; and the Alephs were no slouch. In case you haven't seen it, the last Absolute Sound had a section entitled Golden Ear Awards, and in it Tony Cordesman gave a capsule review to the x-1 and x-ono, and said he thought they were the state of the art.
Haven't heard them but suspect they provide a very neutral clear sound on a dead silent back ground. You probably get Sonic Frontiers Line 3 performance but with no tube maintenance requirements.
I own an X-0. I'm very pleased with it's sound, although its operation is a bit quirky. I haven't compared it (over time using the same speakers, cables, amplifier, etc.) with other preamplifiers, but who really has?
The X1 working with my Aleph 2s is an experience i wish could be shared by all who love music.
I agree with Zane, the X1 is a fantastic preamp. Mine is paired with an X150 which plays and sounds beyond my greatest expectations. It replaced an ML 38S which while very good, did not have the air or inner detail of the X1.
I own a X-2 paired with a X-150.Absolutely gorgeous!!
Hi Joe - I'm waiting for my used CJ PF-R preamp to arrive. If it's not quite what I'm looking for, I'll be searching for a deal on a used X1. My amp is a CJ Premier 11a tube amp. ...Abe
Yes the Pass X-1 is definitely better than the Aleph P, but that is not saying a whole lot. I am a Pass Aleph amplifier owner and a clear Pass bigot when it comes to the Aleph amps and I have respect for the X series amps, but, IMO, the X-1 clearly doesn't measure up to the best tube preamps. According to Pass, you have to leave it on all the time in order for it to sound its best and I've heard that while it sounds better, it never achieves that A-1 sound which can be had with some of the best tube equipment. In my audition with the Pass X-1 and the X-350, I heard an overly heavy bass and no midrange sweetness. Certain musical passages were overly bright. If you compare it to the Aleph P, yes it sounds great, because this wasn't an exceptional preamp at all. I completely agree with Jtinn and Topkat. Pass Labs has a great reputation for designing amplifiers, but that reputation does not carry over to preamplifiers.
I owned an X-1 for a year until the Krell KCT demoed a-b against the X-1 in my system. I was very surprised in the difference. The KCT was much more neutral and definatly cleaner. I sold the X-1 bought the Krell. The X-1 is still a very good piece.