Pass Labs vs. Sugden

Has anyone had the chance to compare Pass Labs with Sugden? Any apples to apples comparisons -- amp to amp, integrated to integrated, etc.?

Been reading and seeing articles on Sugden, but in the States and on this forum, Pass Labs dominates. Is that because Sugden sells mainly overseas or is there a real basis in how they're made, sound, etc. Interested in sonic and bang-for-buck opinions if you have had experience.

I have both Sugden iA4 and Pass Labs Int25. Comparing the sound quality, IMO neither is much better than the other. The Sugden is of better value due to higher wattage and lower price than the Pass Labs.

@jamesmartin17 @hilde45 ah, thanks for sharing that comment. While I’ve been a fan of both only reading, never had the chance to compare both side-by-side.

Whatever sounds more vintage, less modern, all transistory and stuff is the one I’d pick just so I could go play some poor old ’70s recordings on it, just because. Slather it up with some overly copper interconnects too while I'm at it! 🤣

IMO, another advantage of Sugden over Pass Labs is the faster warm up time of the Sugden.  It takes the Sugden around 20 minutes versus Pass Labs of about an hour.