Pass Labs vs. McIntosh Preamps

Interested in hearing from anyone who has experience with the Pass Labs x2.5 or x1 AND the McIntosh c2200 or c46. What differences in sound quality/presentation could I expect? And how significant would the differences be?

The pre will be mated with a McIntosh MC-402. Aside from the benefit of synergy with the Mac pre, are there any other obvious strengths with either manufacturer?

Thanks in advance for any responses!
I am using a North American Products P12R H-Cat Preamp with a McIntosh MC 402 poweramp and it is a marriage made in heaven. I use this combo driving the Duntech Sovereign speakers (the Sovereigns are essentially the same as the Dunlavy SC-5's, but were made in Australia when John Dunlavy was headquartered in Australia). As a matter of fact, I think the speakers made in Austalia are actually better than the ones made is the USA because they used the Dynaudio drivers which were no longer available to other manufacturers as Dynaudio is now manufacturing their own speakers. Look at for details on the H-Cat preamp and list of dealers. I just wish that more people could hear the H-Cat to see what I am talking about. It is a "KILLER" preamp. Honest folks.
Have you considered a tube preamp? I'm using a Audible Illusions m3a w/ my MC402 and it sounds great. Sorry I can't comment on the SS preamps.
The C2200, which is tubed, is the McIntosh pre I'm primarily interested in - I included the C46 for comparison (as their sound is similar from what I've read).

Anyone with Pass Labs and McIntosh preamp comparison experience?
I demoed the C46 and C2200 at home for a couple of weeks.

The C46 has better bass and bass drive and has better top to bottom coherence.

I thought the C2200 was somewhat lean in the upper mids/lower treble but it did do have that tube treble which was nice. With the weak bass and leaness in the upper upper mids it gave a presentation that I did not like

Overall I preferred the c46. amps were MC2102's and MC501's.
It's been a while but a Pass Labs combo I had in the house was jaw dropping in it's transparancy and a little weak in the bass with the Martin Logan Aerius I had at the time. I took it back because I could not stand to listen to any of my popular CDs through that system. Talk about hearing the source. I bought Musical Fidelity's best which has now been replaced with an MC402 and a C2300. I tried the MC2200 but it is not in the same league. Not even close. I can highly recommend the C2300 and the MC402 with my current speakers, Martin Logan Summits.
which Musical Fidelity are you talking about?
Florian Hassel
Gmartan: ...and a C2300. I tried the MC2200 but it is not in the same league. Not even close.

Glad to hear Mac improved on the C2200, it has always gotten mixed reviews. I had a friend purchase the C2200 and he was very disappointed.
Hassel, the Tri-Vista SACD and Tri-Vista 300 amp.