Pass Labs VS Classe

Comparing the CAM 400 Monoblocks to the Pass 350.5 they are very close in price. I want to drive Nautilus 802's with them.
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I used to own the 802D and listened extensively to both of these amps before then deciding on the Pass XA160. With the BW, I would lean towards the Pass because of better dynamics. The Classe amps are wonderful but I felt when combined with the slightly colored (i.e. warm) sound of the BW, the music was too slow and mellow for my tastes.
Tboooe, 802D and N802 are pretty different sounding speakers. N802 is brighter and probably quicker sounding than the 802D. The diamond tweeter on the 802D is not as forward sounding as the N802's tweeter. there are more sonic differences as well.

That being said, I'd try both amps if possible. I don't think I would recommend one over another without knowing the preamp and room acoustics.
Unfortunately I don't have a pass dealer in my area. I've heard a 350 and fell in love with it but have never had the chance to audition the .5 series.
good point audphile! I read over the original too quickly and did not catch the fact that the speakers are the N802.

At this caliber of amps, I dont think you would disappointed either way.
I'm very happy with Pass X250.5 and N803. It is a very good combinaition. I haven't heard the older series vs the .5 amps, but from what I gather the .5 is a better amp.
I don't think you can go wrong with the X350.5 or the Classe, but I would like to know which preamp you plan on using. As many times as I've heard Classe/B&W N802 combination I was always impressed. But it was always within an all Classe system. So what's the preamp?
I haven't fully decided yet. It will either be a theta CB3,meridian 861 or the classe ssp 800. I am leaning towards the meridian
I think you will be happy with either in terms of sound. Assuming that, would you choose one over the other for other reasons? You are not going to go wrong either way. Now if the XA.5 series has enough power....
The XA series is a little bit more than I wanted to spend. But from what I have read they are amazing.