Pass Labs vs. Cary

Hello and thank you to all.

I am considering trying some Cary Mono tubes or 500MB with a Cary tube pre. What do you think. I use a Pass Labs X-250 and a X-1 pre now. With ML Summits. Thoughts?
If you're looking for a more "tubey" sound, I would recommend upgrading to the X-250.5 instead. From what I've heard, the .5's have more warmth.
just enjoy your are already there
I can't understand why everyone with Summits doesn't use a (carefully selected*) tube amp with them. It's the best of both worlds and has the advantages of biamping without all the extra electronics: SS (built-in) for the bass, and tubes for the stats.

*I say "carefully selected" because, although tubes bring out the beauty of electrostats, certain tube amp designs don't work well with them. So always check with the manufacturer first and let them know what you have in mind.
Jtwrace , are you running the Pass combo in balanced or single ended config? I don't know about your X250, but my X250.5 sounds noticibly better when run in balanced mode. So if you running it single-ended, there is something to cinsider before you ditch the Pass combo.

Rbautista, I have X250.5 and to me it is very far from sounding like tubes. It is a very neutral and dynamic amplifier, which is what I like about it. There is no artifial sweetness or coloration. I do use an ARC tube preamp with this amplifier and the combo sounds really good. Of course ARC preamp is also not know for being overly sweet. but I happen to like this combination for neutrality and dynamic drive it provides.

I have no experience with the previous X250 but from what I've read, the X250.5 is an improvement. In what way, I am not sure. Didn't compare them side by side.

I did hear the Summits with mcIntosh tube combo and thought it was nice but a little rolled off at the extremes.
Audiophile 1, I have a Ref 2 driving a Pass 350.5. I put Amperex A frames in the preamp and it made a huge difference. Even tube enthusiasts in my audio club were impressed with the improvement in musicality. For the first time in many years, I am not dreaming about my next upgrade.
Jwin, that's my next preamp, the Ref2!!!!
I love the way ARC pairs with Pass. I've had ARC preamps with different amps over time, but the combo of ARC and Pass running fully balanced is superior to anything I ever had in my system.
The Cary 500MB's will drive your MLs beautifully. They have the most liquid, lush and natural midrange and treble I ever heard in a solid state amp (other than the Dartzeel). With 500 watts and high current on tap, you'll get lifelike dynamics - something that's often missing even with the best tube amps. Naturally, the 500MBs will pair very well with any of the Cary pres.
My speakers are Avalalon Ascents, which are not easy to drive because of their sealed enclosure design. I have an REL Stadium 3 in the corner of the room and it integrates very well with the Avalons. I don't use it for music with minimal base.
I now own the cary 500's. I've had then since last spring. They replaced my Cary slam 100's that I had for ten years. The 500's are very close to tubes without the bother. They will drive just about any speaker. Although I am using them with a VTL preamp I"m sure they go very well with the Cary preamps. As I have posted previously here, I am very happy with these amps. I would highly recommend them.
thanks for all the help. I do run my current setup in balanced config. Actually, every connection that can be balanced it is. I look forward to trying the 500MB with maybe the 03 or 05 cary pre.
I would check out Wolcott. I use Wolcott tubes with my Summits and it replaced Pass X350.5 and the tube amp is so much better with the Summits I didn`t believe it at first.