Pass labs upgrade path

Hi there. I’m Currently running a X350.5 and XP20 with a Bricasti M1SE and PBN KAS speakers. 

I have budget to upgrade amp or preamp and am considering either a X350.8 or XP22 or XP30 as my next logical upgrade. 

I’m more inclined for a XP22 than anything else as I heard a XP12 in my system and it did sound much more like a live show but without the advantages of separate power supply. 

I have not heard a XP30 or a .8 amplifier so I figured I’d ask around and see if anyone had been in a similar spot. 

Thanks y’all. 


I can't say much about your actual question, i.e., moving up to the .8 series.  However, I have the 250.8 and it is excellent. People say that they like the 250.8 better than the 350.8, but all I can say is that I am very happy with it.  I have also heard great comments about pairing the XP-22 with the amp, and you will probably get more bang for your buck upgrading the pre.  I went in a different direction . . . I went from running my MSB Discrete DAC direct to the 250.8 to using an ARC REF 6 pre.  To my ears, its a perfect combo with my Wilson Sabrina X's.

I have an XP-22 preamp and it is a very articulate and quiet preamp.  Also, it will drive longer interconnect lead-lengths in the case of having the preamp and source equipment a good distance from the amplifier(s).  Built like a tank like all of the Pass-Labs products.  I bought my daughter an XP-12 and had it for a few weeks prior to getting it to her and the XP-22 was a little quieter and perhaps slightly more micro-dynamic than the XP-12 but both are great preamps.  Good Luck !

Welcome back Miller Carbon.  I very often disagree with you, but I really enjoy your posts.

In regards to a point systembuilder (the OP) brought up & jetter responded to, the only way buyers & sellers are officially allowed to communicate directly is if the seller has paid 4% of their asking price upfront for a 30 day ad (Regardless of whatever price it eventually sells at - or if it sells at all) & is non refundable.

If one wishes to communicate with the buyer/seller directly w/o an upfront payment, the only option is to include your contact info in a free (the only kind offered), US Audio Mart ad (that can run indefinitely) placed simultaneously. It’s fairly common for AG ads to be simultaneously put in US Audio Mart & continue to run after the AG ad has expired. I don’t know how often contact info is also there, but I’ve certainly seen it. Letting the buyer know directly or indirectly i.e. asking them to google the particular product being sold on AG, sounds like it could possibly be problematic, but I have not the personal experience or know others who’ve done so to comment. There’s certainly no strictures regarding mentioning the competition on AG forums, I’ve found so far.