Pass Labs Thank You

This is a long overdue thank you to Pass Labs for the great customer service I received last summer.
I managed to severely damage my Preamp trying to install a Rel sub in balanced mode. My equipment was used and not under warranty,but they still treated me like it was. They seemed more interested in how I could possibly cause this much damage hooking up a Sub...
They repaired my Preamp and checked out my Amp for the cost of one way shipping. In this day and age you just do not see that kind of confidence and commitment to a product!
I've upgraded to an X-350. My Large listing room has never sounded better!
Thanks to Peter, Kent and Wayne. Also to the rest of the crew at Pass Labs.
Greg Leavey
I agree with you totally!
Pass Labs customer service is simply OUTSTANDING!!!
...but still a good service isn't always free.
Thanks for sharing your experience,nice to know.
I've never had the need to have anything repaired there. But every time I call there with a question or ask for advice, they take all the time I need to answer it and are never in a hurry and are always helpful.

I own the X-600 monos and the X.02 preamp

Hi Gandme,

Nice to hear stories like this. Thanks for sharing.

Pass Labs is the best!!!!!! I love my X-350 amp,I had scratched my faceplate. They sent me a new pair. NO CHARGE. Nelson Pass is the BEST.
How Did you damage a preamp installing a sub? Stacking??
I would like to join the group, I have a XONO phone stage. It wasn't broke but I was not happy with the way it was matching up with my high output cartridge. The team at pass was very helpful walking me through adjusting the gain and even did a full checkout for the cost of one way shipping from the east coast to verify that the unit was working properly. Needless to say I am hooked by thier service and products. Nelson if you read this you have a great company.
Tripper, It's common knowledge... always put your Subwoofer on top of the Preamp to prevent standing waves in your bathroom.
But if you want the actual answer. I connected the negative lead to the preamp chassis ground. Not a good idea, but that is the advice I got from Sumiko, the Rel distributor on the west coast, to make a balanced connection to a stereo amp. Honest.. I think... The Great thing about Pass Labs is they fixed a competitors preamp that I screwed up! Ever heard of a company doing that?