I purchased a used XP-10 of this site in October. The unit arrived exactly as described by the seller...minor scratches in the buffed aluminum finish (oh this stuff is easy to scratch...I made one myself!).

The unit works and sounds very good (bass) to terrific (above the bass frequencies on up). I may like more bass impact than "normal" so my comments are not built on a reference but pure taste. See my review else where on this unit.

This memo concerns service. The remote arrived with dead batteries (no big deal) so I put in a new set, which started acting up about thirty day into use. Hum, batteries in a remote last about a year or more, typical of my other plethora of remotes.

I called PASS LABS, and Kent English said to send it in, a button may have been crushed and causes the problems I described. I told Kent I bought the unit used, and would send in all the paper work on THAT sale, I do not have the original sell receipt.

I figured that I'd see a expensive bill for the repair, which I thought would use my old remote and a refurbished PC board, or a refurbished remote. All of which seemed fine considering I didn't really have the original receipt. I don't even really know how old this unit is for the transferable warranty, and which I figure would need the original receipt.

A week later PASS LABS sent an Email asking for a return address where it can be signed for. A BRAND NEW remote arrived at my work address! I took it apart to put in batteries, and the darn thing even had batteries in it.

Color me purple, but this was WAY past what I ever expected. Yes, if you see PAS LABS equipment you know the XP-10 unit is built to last, which is why I bought one sight unheard. But, fair is fair and it was used so the "like a new unit customer" service is simply stunning.

Yes, we buy based on sound...but should we really? You never know the service of a company till it's too late. I was stuck with a bad remote and expected to pay dearly. If you are on the line for buying equipment, I can say PASS LABS will treat you right based on my USED service experience. I just think this kind of service should be rewarded, as it is somewhat invisible. Sure, the service is great on paper, but when the parts hit the fan on new equipment, heavens you have used, then what?

PASS LABS is the real deal on service. I would definitely add this quantity to your buying decisions.
Great to know thanks for sharing
My problem is that the equipment is so well built, I'll probably never get to experience their service...
I'll add to that GOLD STAR comment. Broke the plastic base off one of the binding posts. Called Pass I believe the day before New Years Eve. They apoligized for probably not being able to get me this part before New Years. Well of course no way and that wasn't a problem for me as my system was still singing.
The next morning at my front door was a package in priority mail. It was the complete set of binding posts! They (he) must have sprinted to the post office. All I needed was the plastic base. No charge and I'm telling ya, this was the complete set.
Call me impressed.
That is exceptional service. Thanks for sharing.
They are superb. Their CS makes it a bonus to an already great product.
i've got an old x-1 that will probably need their help someday (no plans to part with it anytime soon, love it). this is great to know. thank you
And many of the sellers of Pass Labs and First Watt gear are also fabulous. Mark at Reno HiFi is a superb guy to deal with as is Jon Ver Halen at Lowther USA in Chicago (who sells Nelson Pass's First Watt, not sure about Pass Labs)
A few years ago I had an amp that was having intermitant issues.I sent the amp in under warranty,the lab couldnt reproduce the problem and sent it back to me.Within a week it started the same thing.Sent it back for the second time.Within a few days Nelson called me directly and told me he did the bench work himself and found the issue.About a month later was called again to inquire how the amp was working..Pretty cool when the owner calls you.
Pass service is second to none. I've been a Pass owner for years and experienced their sevive and would never hesitate to buy anything Pass.
I concur. The Pass Labs customer service is solid gold.