Pass Labs Power Cord

I'm looking for Power Cord recomendation for my pass labs X350. Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you

check out the power cords on
I don't know if Pass prefers or benefits from additional AC isolation/conditioning; if no I have found the MIT Oracle AClll, a non-networked cord, works quite well with my Spectral 200 watt amp, easy dynamics.
I'm looking for the same thing. Thus far, Purist Audio Dominus Ferrox works quite well. I'll be trying some Tel Wire cords next week.
A good audio bud here in town has the 350 running into 10T's w/First Sound pre. Tried my DIY, then Cardas and is now using Gutwire throughout the system. It sounds very good, running through Brickwall surge protectors.
I am using a Virtual Dynamics Rev2 on my Pass Labs X350.5. It realy makes it come alive.
Have anyone tried Shunyata pc with pass labs amps? I have also heard that the power supplies are so well designed and built that expensive power cords simply don't make much of a difference. anyone wants to comment?
I have also heard that the power supplies are so well designed and built that expensive power cords simply don't make much of a difference. anyone wants to comment?
Armandito (Threads | Answers)
I hear a subtle but definite difference between the few cords I have tried on the Pass Labs.
I have had really good luck with the ESP Essence pc on my Pass X250.5. The only cord I have have found that significantly bettered it was a Michael Wolff Carbon PC but that one costs over $1K.
Armandito, I have tried Shunyata Taipan Helix Alpha and Audience on my X250.5

I don't know how your X350 responds to power cords, but my X250.5 shows a very slight difference between a $6 Volex cord and a Shunyata or Audience. The sonic difference is such that it is definitely not worth the price difference.
I ended up with Audience powerChord on this amplifier now(I already had it at the time), and Shunyata Taipan Helix Alpha on my ARC LS25 tube preamp and this is where it makes most sense in my system. But I could easily live with a stock cord on the amp as well. You get a slight improvement with Audience or Shunyata mostly in high frequencies where with aftermarket cords it sound a bit more even throughout that spectrum, but again, it takes some time to listen and notice.

Joey54, I also heard positive things about ESP Essence Reference on Pass Labs amplifiers. I was planning on trying this cord but never got to it. How would you describe the difference between the stock cord and ESP? Thanks
I used to own the Pass XA160 and had several conversations with Pass directly about power cords and they feel that their stock cords sound best. I did experiment with a few but found VERY little if any difference. I did the same experiment with my current amps and had the same results.
I posted this in another thread so if you've read it, please excuse the repitition.

I've owned and listened critically to almost every current Pass product for many hours. To my ears they are the least unaffected by aftermarket power cords than any other line to which I am familar. Based on my experience, I don't spend neither do I recommend, mega buck power cords for Pass gear. That money, IMO, is better spent someplace else in your room and/or system.

As always YMMV.

Dealer disclaimer
I found my Aleph 3 to benefit from an aftermarket PC which is a Wireworld Electra lll and also the TEL wire PC but the biggest benefit was powering the Aleph 3 with a high current balanced power conditioner.

Powering the Aleph 3 with the Platinum Power PP-1 not only completely eliminated the Aleph's transformer hum but also decreased the back ground noise considerably which resulted in a nice improvement in soundstage prowess and bass grip. The highs were cleaned up as well and the amp just seemed to "breath" A LOT easier when powered by high current balanced power.

I would not write off aftermarket PC's without trying them in ones own system first and this is a simple/easy process with companies like The Cable Co. out there willing to offer home trials of the majority of cables/PC's out there.


Well, I'm going to try my Volex 17604 (essentially the stock Pass Labs Belden cords).

I still believe the Purist Audio cords produce sound with more weight and body, but I'll compare gain.

Tvad, I'd be surprised if Volex sounds like Dominus. It definitely should not, considering the price difference. But then again, if there is a difference, is it worth the price of admission? That's for you to decide. However, please do let us know what differences you have observed, once you're done comparing the cords.
...I'll compare gain.

Tvad (Threads | Answers)

Typo. It should read "compare again".
Please, keep us posted.

Well, I hear subtle differences which might be worth the expense to some owners. On the other hand, it'd certainly be possible to use the stock cords with good results.

I find a bigger bang for the buck using good aftermarket power cords on my Atma-Sphere preamp and my Modwright tubed power supply.
Tvad, thanks.
In my system the results were similar. On CDP and preamp, aftermarket power cords are more beneficial in my system. But I still do want to try that ESP Essence Reference.
I also spend a lot of money on power cords, because it feels weird not having them on my expensive equipment. But I'm not sure I can really tell a difference. It is interesting to me that three different designers whose equipment I hold in very high regard think the whole concept is suspect, at least with their equipment. In fact on one of these pieces I had to have "custom" work done to remove the captive cord. This skepticism does not seem to apply to ICs and Speaker Cables with their various and obvious filtering effects.
Any recomendation without braking the bank? I see a lot of comment so far, but no direct recomendation?
I see a lot of comment so far, but no direct recomendation?
Armandito (Threads | Answers)
'Cause it's really impossible. What you find acceptable price-wise and sound-wise may or may not be in line with anyone's suggestion.

The cheapest acceptable cord is the stock cord included with Pass Labs, as others have mentioned.

Aftermarket cords may offer marginal improvements.

Even the Purist Audio Dominus are not significantly better than the Pass stock cords...though the Dominus are somewhat better in the bass and treble, but at a much higher cost.

On the other hand, it's ironic that anyone willing to spend the premium required for Pass Labs amps is quibbling over the cost of power cords.

It shows that everyone has specific price/value points for different elements of their systems. There's no right answer.

Who were you refering to when you used the word "quibbling"? as far as I know, I never set a price point for pc. I just wanted to get an idea from others audiogon members.That's all. by the way, thank you for your comments.
04-12-08: Armandito

Who were you refering to when you used the word "quibbling"?

You, based on this comment:

04-12-08: Armandito
Any recomendation without braking the bank?

"Not breaking the bank" generally refers to a low price (although everyone's idea of a low price is personal), hence quibbling over cost, IMO...especially considering the cost of a Pass Labs X350 amplifier.

No disrespect intended, just a different perspective.

At this point in my Pass Labs ownership, I don't believe it's necessary to spend a lot of money (shall we say more than $700) to bring out the best in the amps. However, my experimentation is thus far limited, and I'm certainly open to discovery.
Here's a link of interest:
I hope this thread doesn't unravel into the tired ABX test argument.

The fact is, many people can discern differences among power cords, and many others cannot.

I believe it's best to let those who wish to buy aftermarket cords discuss the benefits they have experienced, and let those who do not detect differences discuss it in a separate thread.

Neither camp with ever convince the die-hards of the other camp.

It's interesting to note, however, that there are at least a half dozen Audiogon members who are regular discussion thread contributors, and who were initially quite resistant to aftermarket power cords, who later admitted discovering significant improvements in their systems after trying a few power cords in their systems.
The reason Pass Amps don't respond to high-cost power cords like other amps is, and I'm not sure I understand this 100%, but I've read that as true class A (I have Aleph 5 - and this may not apply to their modern Class AB amps) they draw the same current all the time. It either gets used for heat or music, but doesn't change. Amps that operate as Class B will pull more wattage when the music peaks, so all of a suddent asking the wall for 10X the power you were using a microsecond ago, if your power cord is higher end there may be less resistance or capacitance or whatever, and it gets there more quickly and/or in a purer way. But the Pass Class A amps (and I suppose any true Class A amp?) always draw the same amount of current independent of the loudness or local intensity of the music.

So, this would mean, if correct, that the XA200 or XA160 would not require crazy power cord, and your X350 would only to the extent that it was in class B mode. I've read here and there at what wattage it goes from A to B, don't have the info at my figertips, its realitively high for 350, so the only effect you should hear is when you are listenting to very very loud music, the amp is in B mode, and then on top of that, the volume changes very quickly. If you had 150, for example, you would be in B mode more often.

Otherwise, it won't make a differnce.

Not to say I'm against spending $150 or $70 on low/medium-end Kimber power cord or similar equivalent, but I don't think going higher in price buys much for reasons mentioned above.
I installed Cardas Golden Reference power cords on my Pass Labs XA-60.5 amps
this week, and they are a subtle, but worthwhile improvement over the stock

The differences with the Cardas cords installed are: less grain, lower noise floor,
more balanced attacks with less "shout", more clearly audible venue
ambience, all contributing to an overall more refined sound.

Again, not an extreme difference, but worth the cost of two used Golden
Reference power cords, IMO.
I had the Pass Aleph 2's (then XA160's and awaiting the new XA100.5's). I replaced the stock power cords with two runs of 15' of JPS Labs in-wall cables wired directly from separate 20amp circuit breakers, through the floor, to high quality Furutech plugs directly into each momoblock. The drop in noise floor and resulting low-level detail retrieval was dramatic. Dynamics and transperancy also improved. I don't really know if the improvement is from the quality of the JPS cable or the fact that the current runs a direct path to the amps, ie. one continuous cable with no breaks for outlets and connectors. Cost was about $500.
In my own experience with Gryphon Antileon amp (100 watt pure Class A), to Lightminers point, I have found the Dominus Ferox to make a big difference. I have spoken with other A'Goners off-line who also concurred that upgrading the stock PC on Gryphon amps (Class A ones...Colosseum) yielded significant improvements. I am auditioning a Purist Audio Aqueous now (which is def better than stock) and am likely to go for Dom Ferox. I have a s/hand one for my DAC and the improvement is worth it for me. Hope that helps.
I am looking for a power cord for mine pass labs X350.5, you had tried the dominus and cardas golden reference I know pass amp does not make a lot of different in after market cord, but would like to try some power cord for mine pass, what was the different between the dominus and cardas golden reference is it worth it to you, I had tried DDCA extreme reference cord on the pass and was not good sound like the amp on steroid not musical for mine taste.
Goone, the Purist Dominus usually provides a little more controlled bottom end
on whatever component it's used. It's been some time since I listened to these
two cords, and frankly I don't recall trying them both on the Pass Labs amps, but
I know whatever cords I've tried on the XA-60.5 have made little difference to
my ears.

I presently use Oyaide Tunami GPX with good results.
I do not own a Pass Lab amp but i was fortunate enough to have a local dealer loan me a XA 30.5 and the same cord Tvad is using Oyaide Tunami GPX. Doing a comparason between my Virtual Dynamics and the GPX, huge difference. It opened up the sound stage and did away with what i can only describe as muffled music coming from the MLs. This was also the case using the GPX with my old Classe CA100 amp, IMHO.
09-15-09: Alremc
Doing a comparason between my Virtual Dynamics and the GPX, huge difference. It opened up the sound stage and did away with what i can only describe as muffled music coming from the MLs.

Which opened up the soundstage, the Virtual Dynamics or the GPX?