Pass Labs or Mark Levinson?

I am looking for a new SS preamp to replace my Classe' CP-60. I am currently interested in the Pass Labs X1 and Mark Levinson 380.The preamp will live between an Arcam FMJ-CD23 and Classe CAM-350s. Any experiences, advice or general comments you would like to share regarding theses preamps?
Hi, I would suggest you go for Mark Levinson simply because X1 is more 'designed' to gear with its corresponding X-series power amp. ML380 should be more flexible in terms of compatibility. I have heard X1 running with X350 and the sound is great. Likewise, I used 38S for several years and find that it is also a very reliable piece of equipment. If you can raise your budget a little bit, I strongly recommend you to go for Ayre K1-x which I find is superb among all other preamps of this price range. Ayre K3 would be cheaper but still coult 'win' ML380 I believe.

Good luck.

What is the rationalization for your statement that the ML380 is a better choice than the X1 simply because the X1 is designed to work with the X-series amps? What is it about the design of the X1 makes it less suited for non-Pass amps? What about the design of the ML-380 makes it more flexible in terms of compatibility with other amps? I imagine that the design team at ML designed the ML-380 to work best with ML amps. To do otherwise would be nuts. The X-1 is an exceptional preamp that should not be IMHO dismissed so lightly. While I personally have not listened to the X-1 with anything other than Pass amps, I have listened to its big brother, the X0 (which I own), with BAT gear. It proved to be a very synergistic match. The best advice I can give Ignatz is to listen to both preamps in his system and go with the one that sounds best to him.
Make sure you listen to the ML 380S as opposed to the 380. It is possible to hear the difference.