Pass Labs or ARC for Wilson Sophia 2

What would you choose for the Sophia 2 - Pass Labs 60.5, Pass Labs 100.5 or ARC Ref 110? I currently have the 60.5 and run it straight from my DAC and definitely enjoy the sound, but many Wilson owners seem to prefer tubes. While not tubes, I'm also considering the 100.5 as they seem to have a reputation for being more tube-like than the 60.5.

Thanks for any advice.

I will chime in here;
over the last 3 years, I have heard several set-ups w/ both Wilson Sasha + Sophia speakers. The 1st time the ARC gear was REF3 preamp w/ REF 150 power amp. The 2nd time REF3 w/ REF 75 power amp. The 3rd time REF 5 w/ REF 150 power amp.
4th time REF5 SE w/ Bryston 3B-ST power amp -this was the best combo, especially for Rock/Hard Rock music-
CD player was ARC CD9.

Most importantly, cables/cords were Transparent OPUS line.
Transparent line conditioners as well.

I have heard Pass labs gear, just not w/ the Wilson speakers. Hope this helps you. Happy New Year! JA
Thanks, I appreciate the response. I was really interested in the Ref 110, until I started reading so many complaints about reliability. I might need to expand search to other tube amps, perhaps Lamm or VAC.
I have used ARC tube amp and Pass Labs class A amp to drive my Wilson Audio speakers. The Pass Labs class A amp is a better match.

ARC is nice but its reliability is not great and its control on bass is not as good as Pass Labs.

You should choose between a solid state and a tube pre amp to tune the sound to your preference.