Pass Labs - new integrated amps

Hi, I just read that Pass introduced two new integrated amps: INT-60 and INT-250 which utilize advanced circuitry of the Point 8 amps, including their innovative power supply and output stages.
In particular the INT-60,I wonder how Pass wants to position it against the INT-30A. I was about to buy the INT-30A, but now I'm not sure I should go for the INT-60. Sonically, how do they compare? Who has seen (or even listen) to these new amps?
It was just announced this week at CES. I haven't read any reports about whether they were demoing these models, or just showing them. The press releases only have renderings of the units also, no photos of the actual units.
The INT-60 is described as 60 wpc, in a single chassis. It also has elements of both the INT-30A and .8 designs. According to the official press copy.
I have the INT-30A, which I love. I'm also interested in hearing more about the 60, so I'm staying tuned.