Pass Labs Integrated or ASR Emitter

I posted something earlier stating that I’m looking for an ASR Emitter, but my search has led me to consider a Pass integrated as well.

Does anyone have any experience with both a Pass Integrated (INT-60 or the older INT-30A) and an ASR Emitter I? Any thoughts, comparison, insights would be most welcome. Would be used to drive a set of Zu Druid V, which are quite efficient at 101db, but I’ve heard really come alive with a little more power than the 25 watts I'm driving them with currently.

I’m looking for a warm, fleshy sound, basically a tube sound without the hassle. It’s too hot where I live in the summer to even consider tubes. I’ve read that the older INT-30A has a slightly warmer, more colorful presentation than the INT-60. I really want to try an ASR, but the fact they’re based in Germany and use multiple modules with batteries has me concerned about potential service/repair issues down the road as compared the Pass units.

Any other amps/brands are welcome!

Thanks for reading.