Pass Labs int 60 vs. Luxman 590 uX ii

Any opinions when matched with Focal 1038 be? An Aesthetx Mima just became available and looks pretty good...All 3 in the same price range...Any experience with these 3 and the Focal?
i am also a big hegel fan... i think they sound absolutely wonderful, not a hint of ss glare or hardness, deep dark background, spacious wide and deep sound stage, tremendous bass control

other top ss integrateds - by pass, luxman, naim, ayre, belles are all in the same (top) class of sq, but i have come to prefer hegels

i also agree that the focal be tweeter is very good, but can be easily teased into brightness, so smooooooth is the key word on source and amp selection, in which case, one must also not rule out good tube amps, i.e. from stalwarts arc and cj, and respected newcomers like rogue, primaluna etc etc
Do your own research on this, but I believe Music Direct has a pretty liberal return policy. That being said, I bought my L-590AX without having heard one. Zero regrets, it's amazing.
I've considered the Hegel, but I'm old school and don't have time or interest in streaming and all the technology that goes with it. I wonder if the Hegel is a good option as I would not use all of its capacity.