pass labs int-60 and break in

hello, I finally bought the pass int-60 for my W.Sophia 2.
I have had mcintosh. mc452 with c2300, they needed for break aprox 120hs.

but i am not familiar with Pass.

Generally Pass how many hs. need for break ?
(int-60 is basically pre xp10 with amp 30.8)

best regards
I always left my Pass gear on 24/7 because it just sounded so much better when it was hot.  I remember my gear feeling pretty stable after a week of that. 

- Chris
I was instructed to turn it on for a week, 24/7, after which it could be used as normal.
I like to warm it up for at least 30 minutes (if I'm in a hurry) or an hour if possible, before listening.

I agree that it sounds best when hot.  And it does get pretty hot!
I turn it off when I know I'm done for the day.

Awesome piece of equipment!  
yes, i feel an improvement after 40 min.
i have a thermometer to the chassis 

ok, i have 23 days with int60 at 3hs per day : 70hs aprox.
At times I feel unstable high frequencies
Mark, at Reno HiFi, said the initial 7 days was important--no on/off cycles.
Maybe you should try this even at this point.  
Talk to Pass Labs.  I called and spoke with Desmond at Pass before deciding what to purchase.  Very helpful.

Good advice here- OP
call Mark @ Reno HiFi or Desmond at Pass Labs.
The model matters also. I HAVE A F6 and having the transformer adds to  the burnin time 
I have documented me and the Mrs. Which has even better hearing 
Picked  10 specific songs  played for 2 weeks have found refinement 
Even approaching 300 hours  now rock solid. 
When warming up cold sounds brittle being pure class A.
An hour much better 2 hours better  still, but we'll worth it .
You can leave on ,unless you have a tube Preamp ,to avoid a transient through speaker unplug one side of interconnect cable to amp after turning on  preamp snd stable then plug the one interconnect into amp it is up to your preferences.
Keep me posted -mati.
my own experience with Pass gear- sound was great a week after being on. Now, it really takes no longer than 30 minutes of warm up. 

The INT-60 isn't exactly an XA30.8 and an XP-10. It has part of the XP-10- the passive part. Pass integrated don't have any gain in the preamp stage.