Pass Labs int 250

I’m seriously considering an int 250 to go with my Harbeth Super HL 5+ 40th Anniversary model speakers. I’d appreciate any info on this amp you can give me. The reviews I’ve read on it are glowingly and consistently positive. Any owners of this amp out there? Or, anyone that has heard or auditioned it?

It’s OK to recommend something else. I’m also considering similar brands and amps...Luxman, Moon (Simaudio), Hegel, NAIM, Accuphase, Audio Research, Gryphon, Rogue, among others. But, for now, I’m especially interested in the Pass Labs int 250. Thank you!
I have the SHL5Plus 40th Anniversary and drive it with a VAC integrated 160i. It’s a phenomenal combo. Every now and then when a tube acts up, I consider SS like Luxman, especially the 509X which is great with Harbeth. I think I’m the most happiest with my VAC but I’d love to be able to turn my system on for 45 minutes at a time and never worry about how old my tubes are. But on a day like today when I’m 7 albums in, you can’t beat the combo. If you’re a set it and forget it guy then I’d be looking at Luxman for certain. 
What, I missed another Audio Doctor advertisement?
Don’t have an INT250 but I do have an X250.8 which is excellent with my speakers (Revel Studio 2)