Pass Labs int 250

I’m seriously considering an int 250 to go with my Harbeth Super HL 5+ 40th Anniversary model speakers. I’d appreciate any info on this amp you can give me. The reviews I’ve read on it are glowingly and consistently positive. Any owners of this amp out there? Or, anyone that has heard or auditioned it?

It’s OK to recommend something else. I’m also considering similar brands and amps...Luxman, Moon (Simaudio), Hegel, NAIM, Accuphase, Audio Research, Gryphon, Rogue, among others. But, for now, I’m especially interested in the Pass Labs int 250. Thank you!
..never heard it, but it is a dependable brand.  Have you heard the Ayre offerings?
This would be a fantastic match for your speakers.
Harbeth and Luxman are a great match. Check out Luxman L-509x
Luxman, Ayre and for budget comparison Arcam.

Pass, Luxman and Ayre will give you distinctly different results, so I think they are worth listening to. If you like tubes, I really like the latest gen ARC integrateds.

Of course, I bought a Luxman and I stand by my decision. :)
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I know that Audio Doctor is recommending a product that they sell,  but I have to agree that the CSIB is at least a comparable product to the INT250.  Most people know that the Coda boys were engineers for Nelson.  Their products are excellent.  Its worth making a call to Doug Dale at Coda.  He is very honest and open about his products and how they compare with others.  Beware this amp is updated fairly regularly.  When technology changes come about they are incorporated into this amp.  The last few versions have all been great,  but the current is exceptional. 
I have the Pass 250.8 it's an excellent performer. As mentioned above you should give a number of amps a listen to see what you like.
That being said I don't think you'll be sorry with Pass equipment.
A friend had the int 250 with some British speakers, very uninvolving IMO. He thought so as well as he sold it after owning it for several months.
I had the pass  int250 with the bigger harbeth 40.2 and found it good but not.great.

The smaller harbeth probably a better fit with the integrated....

Personally for smaller harbeth if was getting integrated would also consider getting the VAC integrated ....

After many integrated ( plinius hiato, plinis 9200, mark levinson 508, Gryphon diablo 300, gamut 150LE, krell, marantz pm10, jeff rowland 500, luxman 509x, accuphase E-470) I'm now using pass int-250.
Is that the best one?, I don't think so. There is always something better. But  it gets me closer to live jazz and classical performances than any other ( gryphon diabllo is in the same category -  great integrated) and pass company is known for a great service.
One just need to feed pass int250 with a good source and good power, ICs and SCs cables to extract the best out of it. I directly compared luxman 509x and pass int250 in my system (esoteric k-03xs and sonus faber Amati Traditions). The pass int 250 has tighter and deeper bass, more organic mids and sweeter highs. But whats is even  more important for me its sounds more natural than Luxman 509x. There is quite reliable and truthful Czech based  website (they have option to read in English)  that publishes their reviews  - Audiodrom. They reviewed both integrated.  

My uncle drives hi HL5's with an Accuphase P 4500
Sounds really f**king good! Don't let the 90wpc fool you, the Accuphase takes control of his Harbeths (and most other speakers) and drives them with authority

Stellar build quality and its gorgeous...I'm a sucker for the meters!
I have the SHL5Plus 40th Anniversary and drive it with a VAC integrated 160i. It’s a phenomenal combo. Every now and then when a tube acts up, I consider SS like Luxman, especially the 509X which is great with Harbeth. I think I’m the most happiest with my VAC but I’d love to be able to turn my system on for 45 minutes at a time and never worry about how old my tubes are. But on a day like today when I’m 7 albums in, you can’t beat the combo. If you’re a set it and forget it guy then I’d be looking at Luxman for certain. 
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