Pass Labs Int 25 vs Int 60

I'm curious if anyone has had a chance to listen to these two integrated amplifiers.

I know the Int 25 is basically the XA25 with a preamp. The Int 60 runs class A to 30 watts (and uses the same preamp) so maybe it's more closely related to the XA30.8, though I don't believe I've read that anywhere.

Anyway, I think from a power perspective both will be fine with my 90db floorstanders. My main question is which is the warmer, smoother of the two amps? Even if that means being darker and more veiled, I would want to go with that amp!

I suggest calling Reno HiFI for advice.  I bought my Pass Int 60 from them and I'm very happy with my selection.  I didn't compare the 2 amps in person.  
+joseph796, for sure call Reno HIFI.  And note they sometimes have lightly used demos for sale with full warranties.  Not associated with Reno.
Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, I have been checking Reno HIFI inventory and know they are the best Pass Labs dealer near me. If I get one, it will most likely be from there. I will get in touch with them and see what they say.