Pass Labs INT-25 Integrated amp paired with Harbeth 30.2 XD speakers

Has anyone heard them paired together? I own the Harbeth 30.2 XD's and want to keep them. I'm seriously thinking about purchasing the INT-25 but I'm wondering if it can drive the 85db Harbeth's. My current set up is in a smaller bedroom with nearfield listening. Any thoughts are appreciated whether with personal experience with combo or not. Thanks!


I understand the appeal of a lovely Pass integrated, but I don’t think it will supply enough power. I drive the P3ESR in my desktop system with 200 wpc. I like large amps, with their lower likelihood of clipping or dynamic compression. To me, they add life to the presentation.

I would suggest a considerably more powerful amp for the M30, especially if you listen at moderate or high levels. Even if you don't share my appreciation of powerful amps in general, I think that 25 wpc is not enough for the M30 to shine.


a rogue audio cronus magnum is an excellent sounding amp and matches well with the Harbeths.  plenty of power and a smooth, clear 3D sound that belies its price.

I'm currently using a Luxman L-505UX II integrated with nice results but I'm interested in keeping things simple, like the Pass INT-25 with it's few analog only inputs and nothing else like pre-outs, digital ins, phono ins, etc. I play CD's only and am content with that. My system is a CD player, Intgrated amp & speakers. Avanti 1960, the Cronus is exactly what I'm looking for feature wise with it's simplicity but I'm interested in solid state, not tubes because I fear the tube amp in combination with the Harbeth's may produce a warmer, softer sound that I won't be happy with. But then again I may be wrong. I'm not against tubes, perse, it's just that I've listened to the Harbeth's with 2 different solid state amps and I like the way it responds to them.

Herb Reichert of Stereophile often extols the virtues of the pairing of the Pass XA-25 with the M30s, though I haven’t heard it myself.  I have the M30 XDs also, and have had them in my home with the Luxman 590AXII, Benchmark LA4 and AHB2, Line Magnetic 845ia, and primaluna separates.  I prefer the LM above all the others, followed by the Benchmark.  The LM is only 22 w/ch but is the most ‘alive’ and natural sounding of the group.  I listen mostly to jazz and classical with it, so it’s hard to say when its 22 watts might not be enough, but 22 watts goes a long way, especially in a smaller room.  My room is 21 by 14 feet.  There’s plenty of bass with the LM but it is not super tight, perhaps the only downside.  The Benchmark is just as natural sounding but not quite as musical, but with Harbeth it is a really good pairing/synergy and plenty of power.  Initially I had the M40s with Benchmark monos, and I would recommend this pairing above any other (that I have heard to include Luxman separates).  That said, all of these amps work well.