Pass Labs INT-25 Integrated amp paired with Harbeth 30.2 XD speakers

Has anyone heard them paired together? I own the Harbeth 30.2 XD's and want to keep them. I'm seriously thinking about purchasing the INT-25 but I'm wondering if it can drive the 85db Harbeth's. My current set up is in a smaller bedroom with nearfield listening. Any thoughts are appreciated whether with personal experience with combo or not. Thanks!


I had a friend who tried this exact combo. He was pretty happy initially but I think he moved up to INT-60 and said it was a better match. Another amp that mates well with Harbeth is Hegel H390. Good luck!

I understand the appeal of a lovely Pass integrated, but I don’t think it will supply enough power. I drive the P3ESR in my desktop system with 200 wpc. I like large amps, with their lower likelihood of clipping or dynamic compression. To me, they add life to the presentation.

I would suggest a considerably more powerful amp for the M30, especially if you listen at moderate or high levels. Even if you don't share my appreciation of powerful amps in general, I think that 25 wpc is not enough for the M30 to shine.


a rogue audio cronus magnum is an excellent sounding amp and matches well with the Harbeths.  plenty of power and a smooth, clear 3D sound that belies its price.

I'm currently using a Luxman L-505UX II integrated with nice results but I'm interested in keeping things simple, like the Pass INT-25 with it's few analog only inputs and nothing else like pre-outs, digital ins, phono ins, etc. I play CD's only and am content with that. My system is a CD player, Intgrated amp & speakers. Avanti 1960, the Cronus is exactly what I'm looking for feature wise with it's simplicity but I'm interested in solid state, not tubes because I fear the tube amp in combination with the Harbeth's may produce a warmer, softer sound that I won't be happy with. But then again I may be wrong. I'm not against tubes, perse, it's just that I've listened to the Harbeth's with 2 different solid state amps and I like the way it responds to them.