Pass Labs INT-150 with Power Plant Premier

I just upgraded to the Pass Labs INT-150, which recommends against using an active power conditioner. This amp is currently plugged directly to a wall outlet based on this recommendation.

My entire system in the past, including amps have ran through the PS Audio Power Plant Premier with more than satisfying results.

If anyone can help explain the issue recommending against active power conditioners, I would appreciate it. I have no level of expertise on this type of electrical issue.

Seems like you should ask Pass Labs. Whenever I've talked to manufacturers they have been very friendly and helpful.
The only thing that makes any sense to me is-- that Pass must think most active power conditioners cannot supply the instaneous power the amp pulls with dynamic peaks. It dosen't make a lot of sense since most "audiophile" power regenerators are built to supply power amps as well as other less demanding components. Did you ask Pass?
As suggested above, i agree you should call Pass Labs and ask them why they recommend you not use an active power conditioner. I suggest you keep the amp plugged into the wall until you get more info from Pass Labs.
I use my PPP with a CJ 350; which draws more current than the Pass with no problems.
The concern would be the abiltiy of the power conditioner to keep up with the current demands of the ampllifer. Reduced current not a problem that's going to cause damage to your int amp so the question is what affect will it have on sound. That is a question that only you will be able to anwer by listening to your system with and without the power conditioner.
My wall power sucks...and it's a modern house. I need to see how much it would cost to get dedicated lines. Does Pass assume the wall power is always good? Regenerators seem like a good idea but they are SO damn expensive...I'm using a PS Audio power port ac outlet and my trusty Adcom ACE 515 and getting away with it so far.
Thank you everyone for your input.
This answer was received from Pass Labs........

The PS Audio re-generators seem to be fine, especially with the multi-wave setting options. Cannot say for a fact that the multi-wave is better, but it is different in a pleasant way. Long story short the PS Audio products do not seem to bring anything ill to the table.

Some back ground: The power amps have for many years been built with tuned noise rejection circuits ahead of the transformers in anticipation of legislation that deals with noise on power lines.

These tuned circuits frequently do not benefit from added reactance that many passive aftermarket noise canceling products provide. The do no physical harm, but in general do not serve the music.

It has proved most prudent to answer these questions on a one on one basis.
04-09-12: Darkkeys
This answer was received from Pass Labs........
Interesting! I had a PPP and found it doesn't work with my tube monos rated @650Va per mono. Theortically it should work ... The PPP would heat up and fan screaming loud. Out of couriousity, I borrowed a 2nd PPP and plug each mono to a PPP and the same heating up / fan result.

I've had many PS Audio products and found PPP their best effort but there are superior alternatives in the market. In general, I found active PC alters the sound and the sound sounds processed. Finally settled on a passive unit with 2 dedicated 20 amp lines that restores the natural tone without any current limiting problems.
I bet your new Pass Labs amp sounds better plugged directly into the wall.
I'll leave it plugged in the wall about a couple weeks to acclimate to the sound before trying and comparing the sound plugged into the PS Audio.
The two reasons that Pass Labs recommends plugging directly into the wall are that (1) many power conditioners contain chokes that impede instantaneous current draw, thus hurting the resulting dynamics, and (2) many (all?) Pass amps have their own built in RF noise filtration.

I have had the X600.5 amps for several years and found that the Synergistic Research PowerCell 10SE to improve the sound greatly without hurting dynamics, while the Shunyata V-Ray did dull the sound somewhat. So it is case by case.

Dedicated lines did very little to the sound of my sound. Certainly far less than the Synergistic.
Petrushka, thanks for that helpful info. I am very much enjoying the int-150 in the wall. At some point I may try it in the PPP. I'm in no hurry or even feeling any urge to do so.

I'm really enjoying the music as is...
I exchanged emails with Pass Labs about their preamps, and while on that subject they mentioned the one power conditioner which they have found to make the biggest impact is the PS Audio power plant.
Positive or negative impact?
Given the context, I think they meant positive impact