Pass Labs INT-150 with B&W 803D

any real world experience with the above match? currently i am somewhat, hesitatingly, considering selling all my sunfire gear (amp, processor & sub) to acquire the one integrated. any thoughts much appreciated. incidentally, i have auditioned the INT-150, but w/ martin logans, not b&w. very musical and very dynamic, but i don't know if it will be powerful enough to drive my difficult load. i listen at reference volumes. thanks in advance. -e
I have the INT-150 driving Dali MS-4's, which have somewhat similar specs, and similar power guidelines (50-500 @ 8 ohms). The volume tops out at 64, and I don't think I've been past 45 before my wife starts yelling at me. I listen pretty loudly too, but when you say "reference volume" I guess it depends what your reference is!

I love the sound, looks, and convenience. YMMV
Thanks Mimberman. My reference volume level is around 50% or 12 o'clock on the volume control which corresponds to about 90 db's using my SPL meter. During my audition w/ INT-150 and Martin Logans, we had the volume up as high as 63, which I did not realize at the time is just about max! It sounded very full and dynamic, but not really reference level to my ears. Maybe it is because I am a drummer?!
Here are the stats for the INT-150 from their website:

Volume control: 63dB range, 1dB steps
Gain: 32 dB
Freq. Response: -3 dB at 1.5 Hz and 60 kHz
Power Output: 150 watts @ 8 ohms
300 watts @ 4 ohms
Distortion @ 1 KHz: 1% at rated output
0.003% @ 5 watts into 8ohms
Maximum Output Voltage: +/- 35 volts
Maximum Output Current: +/- 20 amps
Input Impedance: 36 kohm balanced,
18 kohm unbalanced
Damping factor: 150 ref @ 8 ohms nominal
Slew rate: +/- 50 V/uS
Output Noise: <300 uV unweighted 20-20 kHz
Dynamic range: 140 dB
Balanced CMRR: < -50 dB @ 1 KHz
DC offset: < 50 mv
Power Consumption: 225 watts idle, 600 watts maximum
Dimensions: 19W x 7H x 19D
Weight: 60 lbs. approx .

If you really need that much juice you may be better going with the pass 250.5 and a neutral preamp. I had a friend's 250.5 running off the INT's pre section (which is apparently descended from Pass's XP10 preamp) and it sounded first rate (as did the aesthetix janus I had hooked up).

FYI: you get extra db's running balanced, if that's an option.
yeah, i am currently running balanced mode from two sources for that very reason. i may be experimenting with an aesthetix & monoblocks; preferably pass labs mb's
Well, I can say that Aesthetix and Pass are a good combo. I thought the Aesthetix and the 250.5 was pretty sweet. I couldn't, personally, justify the extra dough for that combo vs. the int-150, but had the finances worked out I would have happily kept the aesthetix and the pass.