Pass labs and wilson ausio sasha w/p

Hi audio enthusiasts! I have pass labs pre amp xp20 and power amp xa 100.5. I'm wondering if wilson audio sasha w/p will be a good match.
I heard the Sophia 3's with XA 200.5 amps a few days ago. Seems like a good combination, though I'm sure other amps can squeeze more impressive bass from these speakers. FWIW, the owner of this system, whose room is large and pickiness nearly unmatched, had found the lower-powered XA amps (100.5, 160.5) did not give him the bass he wanted. I think the Sashas may be harder to drive than the Sophias.

I think your satisfaction with the combo will depend largely on your sonic priorities and listening habits. I'm sure I'd be thrilled with the combination you are considering.
I have XA 100.5's and had W/P 8's. Sasha's are a bit more of a demanding load than the W/P 8's. While I was able to drive them w/o issue or leaving Class A, I think Sasha's might be pushing things a bit. The 160's are a better match for that speaker.
I agree with the above posts, the Sasha's (which I own) need some power especially if you like any volume to your listening....

I run my Sasha's on a Krell Evo 403e, they really like some power and need an amp that can output into 1.6 Ohms (suspect the Pass will!) If you don't want them to rock over 95 dB you likely will be fine, but they will show more dynamics with bigger amps.....
Thanks a lot guys, you save me a lot of money.
I just took my Pass Labs XA160.5 to a friend's system. He has the Sashas and a Pass XP-30. His room is medium size and we played the music load but not ear-bleeding levels. We played a variety of jazz, pop and classical, vinyl and digital. The XA160.5 was an excellent match for the Sasha. In fact, the speaker was very well controlled and it was the best bass that I have heard from his system. So based on today's experience, I have to disagree with those who don't think the XA160.5 has enough power for those speakers. It was a very memorable listening session.
OP was asking about an XA100.........
Well I played with the XA100.5 on the Sasha and it plays wonderfull. It will work fine. However for the Sasha it does need a lot of current and in my setup both the Pass X600.5 and the Krell EVO600 sounded better with the Sasha. But the XA100.5 works wonderfull together and is very musical.