Pass labs and Totems?

do you think a Pass aleph 3 would be a good match for the Totem Model 1 sig. Totems are notoriously difficult to drive and the pass is only 45 watts into 4ohms. however i tend to listen at relatively low volume levels and believe the sonic charicteristics of the pass amp is exemplary.

what do you think?
I have had both and depending on the room size and listening level they will probably work. IMHO a better match would be with ProAcs. I am currently using my Aleph 3 with Response 2.5s as well as well as with Response 1scs and its a great match, the tonal quality is outstanding. I thought the Aleph 3s were 60 WPC into 4 ohms?
I use a Pass Aleph 5 with a pair of Totem Mani-2s. They are a heavy load, and the pass has no trouble delivering deeeeep bass, good organpedals, etc. Love the combination. i often switch it out with an ARC VT-100 and enjoy them both. The Aleph 3 is more than adequate for the Model 1s.

Your Aleph 3 will try to get a bass responce from your speakers, but it actually can't supply a current to drive the bass even with low volume levels. It will result clipping. Pass amps as far as I know have soft clipping but still it's not sonically pleasant.
My friend uses a Bedini 25/25 class A amp with Totem 1s and it does a great job driving them. The Pass might just work well after all.