Pass labs and dali


I need help from my fellow audiogoners friends once again, I need help choosing what type of Speaker cable combination for Pass Labs X350 and Dali Helicon 800 MK2 will be the best? I have in mind Shunyata Lyra or harmonic tech pro 9 Reference both biwire , All your comment are very appreciated.

Thank you
Anyone help?
Hi, I am very happy with Transparent Audio Ultra XL BiWire from Pass X250 to Dali Euphonia MS4.
Well I am using a Bi-wire Virtual Dynamics Rev2 on my Andra 2 speakers with my Pass Labs X350.5 Amp.
Thank you guys, any other dali owner wants to comment?
I second the combo of Pass Labs & Virtual Dynamics Rev 2.0.
Heard them with Dynaudio Temptations. Very very nice.
I used to use Nordost on my Dali's and now I use the Tesla Accelerator from Synergistic Research; the difference is night and day.