Pass Labs amp for Usher Be-10

Hi guys,

I've just purchased the XP-10 pre and now I'm trying to find out wich Pass labs amp will better suit my Usher Be-10 speakers. My budget won't allow me more than X350.5 or XA60.5. Thanks !
I don't believe the XA-60.5 will have enough power to drive the BE-10 with realistic dynamics.

The XA-100.5 is the one to have, but if your budget limits you to the X350.5, then go for that one (or the X250.5).
The original X250 had feedback & good bass control.
The original X350 had zero feedback & less bass control than the X250 (to me).

If the .5 amps are the same, I'd opt for the X250.5.
Fusobal, take a look at my review on the XA-60.5's for details regarding why they replaced my XA-100's in my system. I had a 350.5, great amp, but sonicly the new XA.5 series is sonicly a major step above the X.5 series.

Tvad, I drive my MG-20's with the XA-60's with no problems, actually for three years I used the XA-100's, so I believe that the amount of current/watts of the XA-60.5's could handle Fusobal's Be-10's.

Fusobal, why don't you give a call to Mark at Reno Hi-Fi, great guy totally honest and knowledgable about matching which Pass Labs amp would be in your budget and drive your speakers with the greatest synergy.
Teajay, I disagree with you regarding the XA-60.5 and the BE-10, but as you
say the OP should try an XA-60.5 demo from Reno Hi-Fi, if possible. Maybe
they will fill his requirements.
I have the X250 and had the CP6381 and it was perfect. It ran in class A to about 30 watts and then goes AB for the rest.

I would go with the 250.5