Pass Labs Aleph P vs X-1

I currently own an Aleph P with an Xono and Aleph 2 monos. My front end is an SME 10 table, SME V arm and Sumiko Celebration cartridge. Speakers are Eggleston Rosa. Cables are Harmonic Technology Pro 9, AC 10 and Magic ITs, all balanced. I listen mostly to jazz on vinyl and would appreciate any advice on whether or not it makes sense to upgrade from the Aleph P to the X-1. How different do these two preamps sound? I am interested in increasing transparency and dynamics.
It's funny, because although I don't own any Pass gear I was researching something along this line. I did happen to stumble on some threads that mentioned comparisons between the two and it seems the X-1 would alter the sound in the direction you seek. You should confirm this by searching the forum threads.
I have listened to an X-1 and it sounded awesome. I have not had the opportunnity to do a direct comparison but the Aleph P also sounds great. It would have been cool to listen to both during the same listening session. I do really like both Pre-amps but can only afford an Aleph P. If you decide to sell your Aleph P. I would be interested in purhasing it from you. I hope you have the remote control version.