Pass Labs Aleph P owners

I was wondering if any aleph P preamp owners out there have upgraded to one of the newer pass preamps.Or had the priviledge of comparing the two side by side.I have been looking at the new $5500 one really hard here lately.I emailed pass on their opinion of the differences between the two and they said it was a considerable difference between the two.Since their isnt even a pass dealer in my state and pass labs isnt going to give me one. I bring my question to you guys and gals.Is there a big difference between the two other than cosmetics?And please dont be shy on the details as far as system,thoughts,impressions,etc etc
The difference is SIGNIFICANT. Besides features I needed, the sound was that much better. It just opened up so much more. The detail was like the difference between a budget tube preamp and the Aleph P. While I never owned the Aleph-ono. I did a comparison between a friend's Alephono and my X-Ono. The difference was nearly as great. I wouldn't trade my X1 or X-Ono for any other pieces out there that I've heard. Hope this helps. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at describing what I hear into words. I will say that it is worth every penny spent to upgrade. Best Regards, Aaron

as a Aleph P owner, who knows the sound of his dac in direct mode to Aleph's 2, I assume that there could not be a big difference. An advantage of the newer X pre's is, that you have not to deal with the two volume controls - IMHO.

My audio dealer sells Pass Labs equipment and tells me that upgrading the Aleph P I have to the X1 would only result in maybe a 10% improvement sonically. Ergonomically, however, the X1 has a better remote controlled volume etc. He suggests to spend my money upgrading other parts of my system at this point.