Pass Labs Aleph Amps and Tube Preamps

Is anyone out there using a tubed preamp with the Aleph amps? I have a pair of 1.2's and am looking for a new preamp. Thought I might give tubes a try. Thanks.
I used an Aleph 3 with a Rogue 66 preamp with good success. I spoke with Mark Obrien at Rogue, and although the Aleph has a low input impedence, the 10:1 rule applied with the Rogue and was therefore an acceptable match.
I am using a BAT VK30 with an Aleph 0s. it replaced an Aleph P. I am happy with the bass, but a BAT preamp with the 6 pak caps should easily drive any solid state amp.
Another good match might be a VTL 5.5, which has a low output impedence of 200 ohms. I myself am getting ready to try the VTL 2.5 w/ the Aleph 30 and will email you as soon as I'm up and running.
I used a Rogue 99..sounded great!
I used a Blue Circle BC21. Very nice but I preferred a Placette Remote Volume Control.
I am using Aleph 2 with Audio Research Reference II. The combination is excellent. I don't see any impedence issue. The sound is so warm and sweet.