Pass labs Aleph 3, upgrade to X150

I have an Aleph 3 power amp fed by a conrad johnson Prem 17 pre, shanling CDT 100/ Origin Live Resolution and Illustrious Sources. My speakers are sensitive 95db Living Voice Avatars.
In theory and in practice, the speakers are amply driven by the 30 watt output of the Aleph 3 in my 20/20 foot listening room. It just so happens that an X150 is on E-bay at the moment and I'm tempted if the price is right.
Have any of you guys compared the Aleph and X series and these amps in particular, if so what can I expect? thanks
In addition, any comments on what "adequate" power amp output means for a given speaker? Many commentators talk of the extra grip and control really big amps give to a given speaker, but at the cost of speed?
The Aleph 3 is 30 watts per channel, pure class A operation. The X150 is 150 watts per channel, class A operation up to 32 watts, then class AB at higher levels.

I believe these amps will sound largely the same. The greatest difference may be in the low bass, where the X150 should be more authoritative -- tighter and stronger, especially when the volume is turned up. You may also hear a difference in the midrange, where the Aleph 3 might sound slightly more liquid and tube-like. Whether to change amps should depend on what kind of music you like and your personal preferences on presentation.
hmmmm... interesting, as just for fun I am about to demo an Aleph 30 (the successor to your Model 3)- same size listening room as yours, and almost the same efficiency speakers (97 db/14 ohm Coincident Total Victory). I am using a Sim Audio amp that is (slightly lower power) than the Pass X-150, but synergizes nicely- excellent damping factor/great woofer control- I think you will notice this benefit if you try the X-150- kinda depends on where your sonic priorities lie. Given your system though, I would be trying a pair of nice PP triode tube monoblocks! Even better, a high-powered SET- just heard the Dehavilland GM-70 monos ($9.5k)- I loved 'em- too bad about the mucho denaro $$$!!
Thanks for the advise and yes I will be going the 300b route in a few years. You may be interested to know Sutts, that the DIY arm of the UK mag HiFi world supplies kits, including a pair of 300b single ended monoblocks putting out 20 watts. They are highly regarded and only cost £900. Unfortunately with the current Xchange rate thats $1700 US (I'm not gloating, honest). My retirement plan is to build a pair and eloctrocute and cover myself in moulten solder to my hearts content. If your interested the site is
David, I think X150 would be a overkill. You have a great speakers and Aleph series amps were Pass masterpieces. Synergy between Aleph/Living Voice is near ideal.
Agreed on others comments regarding listening preferences, both are great amps (I own a Pass250 but with a different speaker design aproach). I do think that the Aleph will give you a little more rounded-full bodied sound, the X series are more dynamic and controled in the bass section.

Why don't you better invest in software (music) ?

Thanks for the advise, I'll stick with the Aleph 3. The X150 on E-bay has gone above what I would be happy to pay anyway. Best wishes