Pass Labs Aleph 3: The best sounding amp ever

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Many may not agree with me which is totally understandable. During the years, I have heard/owned many amps. To my ears, Aleph 3 was the best sounding amp ever. I have been away from the hobby for many valid reasons but now I am getting back in the game slowly. However, things are changing. Now, there is the Class D (Tripath, IcePower, Hypex, etc.) amps which run cool, are small and easy on the electric bill. I am very interested but do not know which model/chip would give me at least little bit of that Aleph 3 taste. I wonder if anybody owned the Aleph 3 and replaced it with a Digital amp or any other Class amp that is smaller,runs cooler and uses less electric. Are you happy with your new amp after the Aleph 3?

A good 30wpc amp is good enough for me. Maybe even 20wpc but not lower than that. I have the ProAc Studio 125s. 87db - 8 ohms

P.S. I will probably get the Aleph 3 one day again but not at this time.

I've owned the Aleph 3. It took about 60 seconds in my system, for me to commit to buying that amp.
I also owned (2) Aleph 30s, a pair of Aleph 60s, and a pair of Aleph 2s.
I now own a Pass XA30.5, Rowland Model 2, Rowland 625, and Murano P1000 monoblocs (ICE module based).
If I were you, I'd try a Rowland Model 2, or a Pass XA30.5,
if you don't mind Class A heat.
I had the Aleph 3 and think the Aleph 30 is considerably better in terms of realistic presence, dynamics, grunt, and soundstage while just a touch less sweet.

I've owned several Tripath and ICEpower amps, most significant of which was the Bel Canto C5i (run as a power amp) and while it definitely has its strengths and would be preferable to the Aleph 30 to some, I you probably wouldn't be satisfied.

I also had the XA30.5 and THAT, in my opinion, is way better than the Aleph 3 in just about every way. Unfortunately, way more expensive too. It also runs much cooler, or at least it seems that way. You can leave your hands on the heat sinks, but that also has to do with the fact that there is more surface area than the little Aleph 3 so the heat is spread out more.

If your budget is in the $1k - $2k range I would find an Aleph 30 or Aleph J.

DISCLAIMER: I am selling an Aleph 30.